An Easy Formula for Creating a Successful Business Blog

laptop-943559_640Most people live with the perception that creating a blog is something that does not need a defined plan, the case is the opposite. There has to be a well-formulated plan if you want to create a business blog that will command decent traffic and beat competition easily.

With a clear roadmap in blogging, you can be assured of making progress within a very short time. All great bloggers in the world took the time to establish a clear and executable plan and that is why they have made their way to the top.

Are you wondering how you can make a business blog and achieve success superfast? Here are simple yet important steps that you need to follow from the beginning.

Decide on Your Blog’s Main Message

What do you want to blog about? What kind of message do you want to convey to your followers? Is the niche that you have chosen profitable?

These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself before choosing your blog’s main message.

When setting up a blog, you must be ready to take your position amidst the cut-throat competition. It is not a question of taking chances, but making progress and profit within a very short time. Your niche and persona should be well wired to the market that you have invested in, if you wish to see your efforts bear fruits within a very short time.

Choose Your Blogging Platform

As you ponder on how to start a blog, you should also ask yourself which the best blogging platform is. This is a very important decision since the platform you choose will determine if you will attract success or not. In this case, it is recommended that you opt for a versatile, convenient, and easy-to-use platform. In other words, the features of the platform that you have chosen should be very friendly to the user.

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform. It has excellent performance. If you really want to earn well from your blog, use the self-hosted WordPress. Do not go for free platforms. With a self-hosted blog, it becomes easy to customize and add more features. You can tune your blog to match your business theme once you self-host.

Choose a Splendid Theme

This is something that some bloggers tend to take for granted. For your information, your WordPress theme determines how easy your customers will find it to navigate through the site. When choosing a theme, it is necessary to ask yourself a number of questions.

Is the theme responsive? The theme you have chosen should be compatible with different devices. In other words, it should look amazing on computers, smartphones, and any other Internet-enabled device.

Does the theme give room for customization? You should go for a theme that allows you to tune your blog to your specification. It should allow you to change colors, navigation menu, add buttons, change fonts and customize widgets. With such a theme, it becomes absolutely easy to blog.

Does the theme have great customer support end? The best theme should enable you to communicate with their support team to get help with technical, usage and account queries. As a beginner, you need this.

Choose a Contextual Domain Name and Register

One mistake that most bloggers make is failing to contextualize their domain name with what the blog has to offer. While some people fail to find importance in domains, the truth is that domains carry a very strong impact in determining the progress and success of your blog.

At this juncture, you must ensure that the domain you have chosen suggests the services and products that you offer. Above all, your domain must be easy to remember.

Once you have chosen a domain name, go ahead and register it. Opt for a payment plan that will not inconvenience your blogging endeavors. You can even opt for 10 years registration.

Develop Content

Now this is yet another very important aspect for those asking questions on how to make a blog. Content is always the king. In this regard, you must be ready to spend much of your time in creating content that will command traffic to your site.

Quality is very important at this juncture. Prioritize on the right keywords. Do not forget to optimize your content for SEO purposes. Above all, your content should drive the main message home. It should solve people’s problems; therefore, it should contain actionable tips that actually work.


With the above easy steps, you will be ready to make a blog that will be successful now and in the long run. Remember that the message of your blog is very important and must therefore be prioritized at all times.

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