Essential Items That Every Classy Lady Needs At Her Desk

Whether you work from home or just need a spot for paying bills, creating a grown-up office space is always worthwhile. You could transform a spare bedroom or space in your home, or just set aside a corner of your bedroom. But setting up a desk gives you a proper place to sit down and get things done. Here are a few of the ways you can make your desk area feel classy and gorgeous.


Beautiful Stationery

While our smartphones can do a lot these days, often the act of physically writing things out is still better, and so you’ll need some good paper products. Notepads, list pads, a calendar and a diary for dates and addresses will all come in useful. You can buy some really stunning designs so keep an eye out for pieces that grab your attention. Some high quality letter writing paper, thank you cards and personalized note cards are also a nice touch. That way each time you attend a special event, you have beautiful stationery ready to write up and send out.

A Good Quality Pen

To write out your letters and cards, you’ll need a good pen. Get rid of the cheap old biros and invest in a proper pen that you can keep hold of for years to come. It could be a ballpoint or fountain pen depending on your preference but go with something that feels nice to hold, and you enjoy using. Providing you look after it well, a high-end pen is a good investment. Simply refill the ink every time it runs out and it will pretty much last you forever.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will bring life and color to your desk and will make you feel happier while you’re working. You could treat yourself to a bunch every couple of weeks and enjoy them on display next to you. You could go with whatever you like the look of, or pick different seasonal flowers depending on the time of year Sunflowers, orange and yellow gerberas, chrysanthemums and orange lilies for example are all gorgeous for the fall. You’ll be able to pick up the perfect mixture of blooms in any florist, or try the grocery store if your budget is smaller. Next time you go on a nature walk, you could even collect a bunch of different wildflowers.

A Scented Candle

Finally, to set the ambiance and give you a beautiful scent while you’re working, pick up a scented candle. You could go with something really luxurious here and treat yourself. Certain scents are said to boost productivity so you could get on board with the idea when you’re choosing your candle. Cinnamon, lemon, and  jasmine are just a few which are recommended for offices. Alternatively, you could go with whatever fragrance you like best and enjoy the flickering glow and lovely scent as you do your work.


Do you have a desk set up in your home? If so, what key pieces do you have at it that you couldn’t live without?

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