How to set up a wedding dress shop


There is a lot to be said for the wedding dress buying process and much of it relies on a quality wedding dress shop for delivering the latest styles fashions for a bride-to-be.

This means that anyone thinking of setting up a wedding dress shop needs to be aware of not only wedding dress styles but also how to run a business and deal effectively with clients.

Their shop may simply focus on designer wedding dresses or they may opt for wedding dresses suitable for a lower budget but the shop will still have to deliver to a bride’s expectations.

It’s important that anyone thinking of setting up a retail outlet for wedding dresses does their homework thoroughly and they should also visit several wedding fairs and get a feel for the industry itself.

They should also see which of the famous designers are in the area’s shops and boutiques and whether there’s room for another outlet to stock unusual or avant-garde wedding dresses or more designer styles.


There is a lot of professional advice available when it comes to starting up a business including those who specialise in helping small businesses and retail outlets; most of this business advice is free.

In addition to finding a suitable outlet, which will need to have car parking nearby, the shop owner will also need to promote and advertise their undertaking to attract brides wanting wedding dresses which means having to buy in stock and take on staff.

That is aside from having to decorate the wedding dress shop itself and getting the correct insurance for it.

A website will also be a crucial part of this process so they will need to invest time and money in getting this just right; most wedding dress suppliers will offer impressive photographs and catalogues for use online and in the shop.

However, it may also be necessary to advertise in bridal magazines that the shop exists and it is possible to generate local publicity with newspapers and magazines too.

Indeed, this is a good opportunity for offering the shop for use in features on weddings and beauty, for instance.

There is no doubt that setting up a wedding dress shop will be a rewarding and enjoyable business to run and with careful preparation and delivering a friendly service will bring its own rewards.

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