3 Signs an online degree makes perfect sense for you

students-1760549_640Making friends, dating, shopping, ordering food or working out – there’s a life-saving app for everything and anything, and we’re not afraid to use them. We use the internet to guide and entertain us at every step, and without it we’d be lost. So why not also look online when it comes to getting an education?

Despite the previous stigma regarding the quality of online education, students and employers around the world are finally seeing it as a valid way of earning qualifications. Providers like Anglia Ruskin University, for instance, offer a wide range of creditable online degrees and are serious rivals for traditional bricks-and-mortar institutions.

If you’ve been debating about whether or not to go to university and recognise any of the following three arguments, it could be a sign that an online degree makes perfect sense for you. Take a look.

Sign #1: I can’t afford to move

University is expensive. There isn’t really any beating around the bush with this one, it’s just an uncomfortable fact of life. Whether you study online or attend a traditional course, you’re going to have to make a hefty financial investment.

The beauty of online degrees is that you can access them anywhere, meaning you don’t have to move to an expensive university city with sky high rents and dodgy student housing. You’ll enjoy cheaper living costs, and be able to live wherever you want!

Sign #2: I’m too busy

Earning a degree isn’t a small commitment, especially when you already have plenty of other pressing concerns (like a job or a family to care for). Classes, deadlines and marathon reading lists are only a few of the time-consuming tasks that’ll be added to your already demanding to-do list.

The strict routine of a traditional university can be difficult for busy students to manage, but with the flexibility of an online degree you can study around your existing schedule whenever you choose.

Sign #3: I’ve hit a career roadblock

There’s nothing more demotivating than being stuck in a rut, bored by your day to day work but unable to nail that promotion or pay rise. The good news is you’re not the only one struggling against a career roadblock.

In a job market flooded with employable graduates it’s hard to stand out and win that dream job. With distance learning, you can stay in your current job whilst also earning a postgraduate or specialized degree to give you an edge over your competitors come promotion time.

Do one or more of these three signs sound eerily familiar? Then put your internet skills to good use and find an online degree you can get your teeth into. You’ll enjoy the future career benefits of higher education without having to attend an expensive bricks-and-mortar university that’s not right for you.

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