Tips for Getting through Early Childhood as a Single Mom

eco-summerIf there is one thing a single mom knows, that is nothing comes cheap. From the diapers on that little person to the constant need for clothes as baby grows seemingly by the day, there is always something needed, something wanted and something not wanted but an absolute must when you have a child. Some single mothers want to stay home with their babies at least until they reach preschool age but there never seems to be enough money to manage that so how to do this and still forge that oh-so-important bond with baby? Here are some suggestions for getting through early childhood as a single mom.

No Matter What You Forego – Keep that Internet Going!

As a single mom you may be tempted to let go of that Internet payment because money is tight and it seems as though there are more important bills to be paid. Actually, that one single Internet connection can be worth more than you know. Not only can you meet up with other moms who can share advice and life hacks for those early years but you can actually make a living online and all from the comfort of your home. Every tip from here on out is based on having Internet, so whatever you do, keep that internet going!

Combine Studies with Cash Aid

Many single mothers dream of having a career but opt to have that baby instead of furthering their education. That can always be done later, right? Actually, there’s no need to wait because you can get government grants for women that not only pay your tuition but also provide money for books and living expenses as well. Have you always dreamed of becoming a nurse?

Why not check out the online nursing program here that is from a respectable, nationally acknowledged school of nursing at a leading university? You may qualify for student loans or even government grants that are 100% free money and also be able to study for an online nursing degree. It’s a way to make ends meet while staying home with baby and also studying for a career that is among the most ‘in-need’ professions around the world.

Working Online from Home

You can also find a way to work online around the hours that baby needs you to be there for her/him. Many mothers have taken up writing content for web development companies and other innovative moms who are an entrepreneur at heart set up online storefronts to earn an income. Money doesn’t come quickly at first but as you build up a name for yourself and develop your own personal brand, you can make more money than you believe while taking care of baby and studying in that online RN program.

It is no longer a societal stigma to be a single mom raising a child by yourself. The only ‘stigma’ involved is if you throw up your hands in despair and fail to help yourself out of dire financial straits. You can stay at home with your little one if you plan well and find innovative ways to bring in the bucks. It’s also possible to gain a future career at the same time so turn this time around to your financial benefit! You made a wonderful and loving choice to be a single mom so now it’s your turn to shine and show the world how it’s done!

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