Why You Should Hire Highly Qualified Native English Editors with PhDs

write-593333_640You deserve the best

It is very difficult to get ahead in the academic world, and it is even more challenging when you have to communicate in a different language. In general, preparing an academic or scientific article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal is not an easy task. It is essential that your content be sound and engaging. This means that the language in which your paper is written must be intelligible and accurate in order to effectively communicate the complex information you attained in during your research.

Academic editing services are beneficial to native-speaking writers and are almost mandatory if English is your second language. Using an academic editing service will enhance the quality of your language, remove errors and ensure that the common academic conventions are met. Importantly, using an academic editing service allows ESL researchers to be assessed based on the substance of their ideas and not by their innate ability to write fluent academic English. Your ability or inability to write in English should not limit your success as an academic. This is precisely why academic editing services exist.

When you hire an academic editor you deserve the best. This means that the editor should be a native-English speaker and have a postgraduate degree. You make sure that these two qualifications are met by the editor you hire. This will ensure that you receive the highest quality edit, which is what you deserve.

Benefits of hiring a native-English speaking editor

An editor is trained to excel not only in correcting the language problems, but also in understanding the logic, structure and organization of the writing. If the editor is a native-English speaker you can be sure that your editor is a language expert.

  • Native-English speaking editors are better qualified to appreciate the idiomatic use of words and expressions and can also understand the use of clich├ęs (which are common in the English language) and figurative expressions.
  • Native-English speaking editors easily see past the content of the words and catch misspellings, spot stray thoughts and smooth out the rough phrasing in order to polish the writing.
  • Editors who are native-English speakers make suggestions to help with word flow and explain word usage issues and standard writing practices. Importantly, when the ESL author reviews the document, he or she can see how the editor changed the wording and corrected spelling errors. Ultimately, this allows the ESL author to further develop his or her writing skills.

Benefits of hiring a native-English speaking editor with a postgraduate degree

Even for native speakers, English can be complicated and confusing. There is increasing pressure for ESL authors to publish in English, which can be overwhelming task for even the most self-assured wordsmiths. The common worries, when it comes to writing, include the content, the proper English word usage and the syntax. They are all very important, but in addition to ensuring that your editor is a language expert, you should expect that your editor have experience editing and proofreading documents in your field or subject area. As an academic writer you are probably in the process of attaining your postgraduate degree or have already achieved a masters or Ph.D. degree. Therefore, you should expect that your editor also have such a degree. At this point in academia, ideas are expressed, experiments are explained and thoughts are conveyed. The ability to do such requires a postgraduate degree if one expects it to be high-quality work. An editor with a postgraduate degree has already been trained to produce such work and will help you achieve the same.

  • An editor with a postgraduate degree, especially a Ph.D., has undergone rigorous and thorough training as a thinker, scholar, reader and writer.
  • During their course work, editors with postgraduate degrees usually have to write several fully researched and documented academic papers and often take comprehensive written essay exams.
  • Editors with postgraduate degrees had to write a dissertation, which is a fully researched and documented study that is often hundreds of pages long.
  • During the process of attaining their postgraduate degree these editors had their writing scrutinized by a committee of PhDs before being awarding their degree.

The best edit

Clearly, ESL authors have to consider many issues before publishing their work, and the most pressing of which is language editing. Ultimately, if they hire an editor who is a native-English speaker with a postgraduate degree they can be assured that they are going to receive the best edit possible. In the end, this type of high-quality editing will also contribute to the ability of an ESL author to enhance his or her writing skills, which will in turn advance his or her career.

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