How to Find Your Ideal Industrial Unit

shop-1611902_640A new industrial unit is a big and important investment, so you need to get it right. If you choose the wrong place, it will cost you dearly, especially if you have to move again. However, you need to make your decision quickly so that your business can move on to the next phase.

Here are five useful tips to help you to make the right decision.

Location, location, location…

Your unit should be in the right place, or else it won’t work for you. You need to be close to a busy area, one that you can get a lot of business from. Industrial units in West Molesey are in a great position, for example, as they’re not hemmed in by city centre congestion, but they’re near enough to London and all its amenities and transport links.

Think ahead

If you’re a growing company (or if you hope to be…), then you need a space that will give you a bit of growth room so you don’t have to pack up and move a year or so later. A managed unit which can offer you a bit of extra room might be just the ticket. Alternatively you might have to downsize, so again, managed premises can help you to do that without having to move.

Look for security

Good security is vital to any business as you already know. If you have to store your finished products onsite you need to know they won’t be stolen or damaged. The same applies to your premises and equipment – you need to keep it safe and sound. Finding your own security can be expensive, so a good idea is to find a unit on a managed complex where security is part of the deal. Look for a manned desk, patrols and CCTV at least.

Make sure you’re accessible

If your customers and clients have to visit you onsite, it’s important that they can get to you and park without difficulty. It’s even more important that lorries and vans can load and unload with the minimum of fuss, so look for somewhere with tailboard loading facilities and a free car park.

Once you’ve found that, make sure there are train stations and motorways nearby, as well as a port or airport if you ship internationally. Of course this is related to location, but you have to look within your ideal area and if you’re torn between two or three places, the logistical advantages could help you to decide.

Look for any extras on offer

Following these tips should make finding an industrial unit easier, but why stop at just the unit? There will be some complexes that offer some extra perks or services, or at least a shower room and kitchen. You should also make the effort to get to know the other businesses in the complex, as they may be able to provide discounted services to you (and you to them, of course), or introduce their clients to you.

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