From The Staple To The Table: Essential Items For Your Office

If you are starting up a new business or venturing into an established one, making sure that the office is stocked with the right items is something that can be overlooked. But making sure you have the right items in your store cupboard replenished on a regular basis is a must. Here are some of the things you need, just in case something may have slipped your mind, including some you may not have thought of.


The Basics

Have you got enough pens, paper, envelopes, clips, files, glue? The list goes on and on, but making sure there are enough of the basics will keep the office running. People take them for granted, but if you’re running the office, make sure you don’t! Have you ever needed a pen badly but couldn’t find one? Annoying, isn’t it?

First Aid Kit

Accidents in the workplace are unfortunately all too common, and having a good first aid supply should be a priority. A typical kit will consist of plasters, bandages, gauze dressings, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, tweezers, scissors, cleansing wipes, sticky tape, creams and painkillers, to name but a few of the items.

Fire Alarm

Most offices are fit, but if moving into a new building make sure there are fire alarms in place.

There are two types of fire alarms, ionisation alarms which detect flaming fires before the smoke gets too thick.

The other type is an optical alarm, these alarms are more effective for detecting slow-burning, smouldering fires and are less likely to go off accidentally.

Fire Extinguisher

With all the computers and machinery whirring in an office at such close proximity, it could result in small computer fires or worse. Making sure you have a working water additive extinguisher with CO2 at each fire point. If possible, a fire blanket in the office kitchen also. The amount of fire extinguishers you need will depend on the size of your premises.

In addition to this, make sure you undertake a fire safety assessment if starting up a business in a new building or moving.


What does your business need to run smoothly in the 21st century? Computers! Internet access! Phones!

You need to make sure you have all the essential kit in a new business. I have seen many instances where people have to share computers as there aren’t enough, meaning that only one person can get work done!

Also, make sure you have your router and other essential kit to get online. In addition to getting online, you will need printers and a franking machine if you are sending out post on a regular basis.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas that can cause harmful and potentially fatal effects.

Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels like gas. So it is dependent on your office setup if it is needed. But if your office has a boiler fitted it is worth having an alarm in place to keep your office safe.

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