8 Online Tactics That Will Attract Your Audience’s Attention

paying-1438142_640Building your business and brand, both online and off, takes a passion for creating engaging and relative marketing campaigns that truly draw a consistent audience. Let’s face it, you’re competing with millions – if not more – of other business sites online, so it takes real innovation and strategy to attract the attention of an audience that’s going to enable you to grow.

Here are some methods that can implement to help grab the attention of current and potential customers.

1. Polish your reputation

While it might not seem like new advice, it’s worth repeating: your reputation is everything. You naturally want your target audience to think your brand is amazing, but if you don’t establish and legitimise your reputation all that admiration can go for naught. Building your reputation online can mean a lot of different things, but it’s never a bad idea to include a lot of positive reviews of your business and product(s) on your website.

2. Create fresh content

Creating original and fresh content on your business blog is a cost-effective way to boost your online traffic. Make it content that’s unique, but doesn’t sound like an advertisement. Focus on information that gets your audience excited because it helps them solve a problem and educates them. Also, make it easy for your readers to share your content, i.e., include buttons so that they can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

3. Hire the professionals

There are many reasons why hiring a proven marketing agency can help you build your audience as you envisioned, and beyond. Find a company, like this marketing agency Hampshire, who offer a variety of core services, such as web design, brand development, advertising, direct marketing, and much more. This way, you’re getting help with all aspects of your online marketing, rather than getting one thing professionally done and being individually stuck on everything else.

4. Video

There’s no question that a well-done, relevant video can grab your audience’s attention. But it has to be just that – well-done and relevant to your sales message. Make it short, and one that can be used across all channels. Videos are likely to get shared with others to produce even greater traction.

5. Keep it fresh

Don’t make the mistake of letting your website fall into a demise because you never refresh or revamp it. Doing so make your audience think that there isn’t much unique and relevant going on behind your brick and mortar walls either. That said, keep your graphics, videos and content fresh, and even add new landing pages to let your audience know that you – and your business – are alive and well.

6. Keep a pipeline of ad campaigns

It’s always wise to have a variety of different ad campaigns available that can be used to address specific issues or problems that your audience is concerned about. You’ll not only attract different audience members, but you’ll also let your audience know that you’re active and keeping up with what matters.

7. Develop a targeted SEO strategy

Growing your audience means appearing as close to the top as possible of search engine results, and this is where a dedicated search engine optimisation strategy will make a world of difference. It’s all about finding the right customer and converting customers who are looking for what you have to offer.

8. Advocate marketing

Advocate marketing is all about identifying your highest-potential customers while motivating them to preach about the many virtues of your business and products. They might not even be customers who are your biggest in terms of revenue and profit, but they’re your highest share customers and can easily help grow your audience. You can do everything from having them write reviews, share information about your company, or generally just build a buzz about what you do in exchange for rewards.

The greatest portion of your audience is can be reached through online methods, so neglecting online marketing really isn’t a viable option. By implementing some of the above tactics, you’ll be putting yourself in a much greater position for success.

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