Business tasks you should outsource to a virtual assistant

Do you want to run a successful business? Then you have to outsource the right tasks to the right people. An external company can save you time and money that you can put back into the firm, which is why they are so popular. But, you don’t need to stick with the conventional method of outsourcing. If you prefer, you can go down the virtual route. It is possible to delegate tasks to a virtual assistant to save time and money. Here is a glimpse of the tasks that a virtual assistant can handle.


In the old days, you would have to keep physical records of your books. And, you would need to pass them over to an accountant for them to organize. Nowadays, you can do it all online. The great thing about online bookkeeping is that you can hire a virtual assistant for the job. All you have to do is set up accounts and provide the assistant with the relevant details. Then, they will keep your books in order by looking at your finances and chasing up unpaid invoices. An accountant is a good idea, but a virtual accountant is an even better one.

Phone Services

It is possible to delegate your entire customer service needs to a virtual assistant. However, it isn’t a good idea if you don’t want your customers to explode from frustration! Still, you can outsource certain answering service processes that aren’t as important. For example, instead of hiring a secretary, you can use an automated software device on your phone. That way, the assistant will instruct the caller to leave a message for you to check later. To some people, it is lazy. On the contrary, it is a good way to save time and cut labor costs.


Anyone in a position of power will use emails to correspond with clients or customers. As a result, you can receive hundreds in one day. Sifting through the vast majority of them is time-consuming and a waste. Not to mention, it is mind-numbingly boring! Thankfully, there is another way. Your virtual assistant will mine through the emails instead, and respond to any and all of them at once. In case you are worried, the assistant puts the important correspondence to one side. That way, you can deal with the important cases personally. In this case, everyone’s a winner.

Calendar Schedules

There is a variety of scheduling tools online. As a result, your virtual assistant can take care of all your scheduling needs at the click of a button. All you have to do is provide them with the information in advance. Then, they will pencil the event in for an available time and date and notify you immediately. They can schedule anything from business meetings to planning corporate events. Letting go of your calendar is hard work because it is so important. Once you do, you will start to feel the weight lift from your shoulders.

The above are just four examples. There are plenty more should you need a virtual assistant for another task.


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