Why digital is beating traditional in 2016


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These days you’ll hear over and over again that traditional forms of media, entertainment and technology are dying out. Libraries are closing down, and everybody is buying Kindles. TV channels are no longer broadcasting on TV, and putting their content online instead (RIP BBC 3!). And in the digital world, new forms of marketing and advertising are outstripping the more traditional forms.

Why you ask? Why is digital doing so much better than traditional? What are the actual benefits, and why is everyone going bananas for these new methods? Read on for a clear explanation.

It’s cheaper, or it’s free

Price, and the fact that digital is often cheaper than the traditional form- or even free- is a biggie! Let’s use Time Out magazine as an example. It was originally distributed in paper form only, and with a pretty hefty price tag attached. When the internet boom happened, it continued to distribute in paper, but also moved online. The magazine itself was still pretty expensive. But soon enough, their profit dropped, and they could simply no longer compete with digital. Then, in 2012, they placed more of a focus on the online efforts and made their magazine free. The result? Things have improved and they are now more financially stable than they have been in years.

Why? Because they realised that instead of competing with digital publications, they had to match them. That people are far less willing to pay for something if they can get the exact same thing for free online.

It’s faster and easier to access

Want to know the news? Want to know how which tube stop to get off at? Want to know if you get a product cheaper elsewhere? Then these days, you always go to the same place. You go online! Aside from nostalgia or tradition, people will rarely head out to buy a newspaper or magazine to find these things out. This is why it is of such high importance that companies have a good website. If people are looking for something that your company sells or offers, great! But if the first place they come looking is poorly designed or difficult to navigate? You will lose them again, and they might not come back again! If you need to improve your website, use a web design company who are firmly based in 2016! They need to know their stuff inside out. Companies like See All Media can handle your website, but have additional skills that you can take advantage of also.

Easier to update or edit

If you’re a business trying to make your way in the world, digital can be a huge help! One of the biggest benefits of things like Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the fact that they can be altered from minute to minute. Certain search terms can be changed, or added, on a daily basis. This means that you can stay current and in-tune with current trends or changes in the news. You can also update and edit other things quickly and easily.

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