Using face-to-face sales as a launchpad to other careers


As well as being a potentially enjoyable and lucrative career path in its own right, face-to-face sales can serve as an effective launchpad to a wide range of other roles. Here, we take a look at how this type of work can benefit you in the future if you choose to move into a different field.

Increasing your confidence

Perhaps most importantly, face-to-face sales can give you a major confidence boost. Many people mistakenly believe that in order to get into sales roles in the first place, you have to be highly confident. As direct sales specialists Appco Group point out, a broad spectrum of personalities can in fact flourish in this field, and lots of people find that the roles help them to increase their confidence and self-esteem. You can take the added sense of self-belief you build in these positions and use it to help you fulfil your ambitions in other areas.

Learning to think fast

Direct sales can also help you develop your ability to think on your feet. Working in the field, you’ll have to respond to customer questions quickly and effectively, providing informative and engaging responses on the spot that address people’s needs and concerns. As well as extolling the benefits of the products or services you’re selling, you’ll need to listen carefully to the expectations and preferences of customers and adapt your messages accordingly. Being able to think clearly under pressure and come up with appropriate responses can serve you well in a whole range of careers.

Learning to negotiate

On a related point, sales enables you to hone your negotiating skills. Interactions with potential customers can be complex and they are always a two-way process. Knowing how to arrive at an agreement that suits all parties is fundamental to achieving success. This ability can prove useful in a variety of jobs. Whether you need to come to a consensus with your colleagues on a particular issue or deliberate the details of a contract with clients, an ability to negotiate effectively should serve you well.

Honing your communication skills

Communication is a fundamental element of face-to-face sales and by interacting with a range of people on a daily basis, you should find you’re able to fine tune these skills. Even individuals who don’t consider themselves to be strong communicators when they first go into sales roles often find that, over time, they become highly effective at expressing themselves to a variety of people. Bear in mind that this doesn’t only benefit those who move onto other customer-facing positions. Because of the importance of effective communication between colleagues, it is important for workers in the vast majority of jobs.


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