Car Financing: Is It Worth It?


The amount of people who choose to pay for their car with finance options is increasing all the time. We all struggle with big one-off purchases, and the ability to pay over months and years is a very attractive one. However, there are positives and negatives to doing so. Getting the right deal is all about knowing what to look for. If you can’t do this, you could end up in a seriously bad financial state.

Understanding Interest Rates

When buying a car on finance, you need to think about interest rates. Different dealers will offer different amounts of interest that you’ll have to pay back as part of the deal. You’ll need to make sure you’re getting something that you’re able to repay over time. Don’t be tempted to rush into a deal without understanding exactly how much money you’ll be required to pay.

What Type Of Car Do You Want?

Financing a car doesn’t always give you as many options as you might like. In particular, buying a used car often doesn’t come with finance options. There are a few exceptions, such as websites like If you want something flashy and brand-new, this is where finance can be particularly effective. You’ll be able to get the latest and greatest models for an affordable cost.


Thinking Long Term

If you’re the type of person who loves to change cars all the time, finance probably won’t be for you. You could be paying this purchase off for up to five years! You can’t suddenly change your mind after a year and go for something else, or you’ll lose lots of money doing so! Think about whether you can deal with having the same car for a long period of time.

Credit Rating

If your credit rating is poor, you might as well stop thinking about getting a car through finance right now! For a company to trust you with something as valuable as a car, you’ve got to have a great credit score. If you haven’t got that, you’ll be turned down. Take steps to improve your credit rating now, and you might be able to get a deal later down the line. You can use websites like to help you with this.

Getting The Best Deal

Posing the question of whether financing a car is worth it comes down to the deal you can secure. There are all sorts of finance deals, and picking the right one is an art in itself. Do plenty of planning before you enter into any commitment. Read up online for reviews of the car you’re interested in purchasing. Just like when buying a car outright, you won’t be getting a good deal unless you take proper care to find it.

So, is it worth buying a car via finance? It all depends on your situation. Go back through the tips we’ve mentioned today and see what category you fall into. Financing can be a fantastic way to purchase a car for some people, and not so much for others. There is no correct answer here; make your decision wisely!

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