Boosting Productivity in Business: 5 Common Problems

There are lots of things that can make a business unproductive, if you know what you’re looking for. Check out these top five common problems and see if you can relate to any of them!

  1. Your workspace is inappropriate

A major productivity problem is that our working environment is often unsuitable for our personality. For instance, introverted people (that is, those of us who prefer solitary activities and recharge by spending time alone) tend to suffer in open plan office spaces. That’s because introverts are best left to work alone for the most part, absorbed in their work. However, open plan designs mean that introverts are frequently bombarded by chit chat, commotion, constant traffic and conversations that they’re unable to concentrate alongside.

Equally, extroverts (people who feel energised by a group and prefer to be around people) will find themselves bored senseless in a stuffy closed cubicle. So, increase your productivity by figuring out which type you are and where your desk should be.

  1. You’re fending off emails

Your boss might think that looking busy equates to being productive, but that’s simply not the case! If you’re living in your inbox, you’re probably spending the day making sure everything is replied to. Instead, encourage your co-workers to get up from their desks and talk to you if something needs doing immediately. Otherwise, ask them to compile you a list of things to address in one email and request that they send it at the end of the day (wherever possible).


  1. Your work isn’t stimulating

Studies have shown that we’re most productive when we enjoy the work we’re doing, which is something you’ll know to be true if your working day flies by! If, on the other hand, you’re constantly watching the clock, it might be time to get yourself a new job… the bottom line is that you’ll work harder and work smarter if you believe in what you’re doing.

  1. You’re undertaking unnecessary tasks

Completing admin, checking in with team members, chasing up tasks and losing bits of paper… it all spells the death of productivity! If you find that most of your week is spent having to manage various bits and pieces – to the extent where you don’t actually get much time to do your actual job – then you probably need to change your system.

For example, a management tool like Upraise might assist with regards to employee productivity and help you to get on top of the superfluous stuff you’d otherwise be stuck doing all day. This will make you more productive on a daily basis, and will free you up to focus on more important, more fulfilling tasks.

  1. Meetings aren’t being performed properly

Finally, it’s likely that you’re being sapped of productivity by being dragged into unnecessary meetings. Unless a meeting has a clear agenda, isn’t too long and is finished with a follow-up, you probably don’t need to be in it. Try reducing the number of meetings you’re involved in and see if you get through more work!

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