Easy ways to use digital tech to make your startup stronger

The digital age is here to stay. Unless something even more convenient and connected comes along, we can expect to see more and more physical businesses taking steps towards the virtual. Even if it’s not a business that uses the online work to sell, there are loads of potential benefits for doing your business on the internet. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, here are a few ways the virtual side of business can help you.


Know your customer

One of the areas that has seen the biggest benefit of the virtual world is the sheer amount of data we can compile. Analytics is a huge part of using empirical data to influence real business decisions. The most common form we see analytics taking is in finding demographics. You can use data to understand your customers and visitors on your web pages with things like Google Analytics. From there, targeted marketing and product development becomes easier than ever.

Keeping track of your finances

Knowing your finances and keeping an eye on your cash flow is mandatory for succeeding at business. Yet a physical system for doing so can easily become complicated and unwieldy. With cash flow software, it’s easy to track everything and add or remove variables. Measure every minute change in cash flow without needing to grab a new sheet every time you do.

The website

Every business nowadays needs to have some kind of online presence. Even if your services are delivered entirely offline. The growing generation of customers will want to know about your services and contact details. The less they find, the more likely it is they’ll go to a competitor. Even simple websites can be great assets to your business provided you learn a few tricks first.

Social media

The next step of having any online presence is getting yourself on social media. It might sound like a chore, but Twitter and Facebook marketing are hands down the best thing the internet has brought to businesses. Potential millions are on the other end of your communications. It may take some time, but the fact you can do it entirely for free easily pays you back for that.

Going paperless

One of the benefits using a simple computer system for any business is the amount of clutter and physical space it can clear up. Virtual file management is easy and safe, provided you backup your data. Not only is it environmentally safe but it saves money, too. The space, paper and storage for all that paper costs money. Not to mention the costs of running a printer often and all the supplies for that as well.

Managing projects

If you’re running a team of your own, then you’ll no doubt have projects that need to be split up into tasks. However, it’s easy for miscommunication nor a weak link to put a halt right in the middle of it. With the right project management software, everyone can see everyone’s progress. Communication is easy since people can see the project as a whole and as a manager, you get immediate insight to any difficulties arising.

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