Need to improve your business social media ad campaigns? Read this!

Everyone knows social media is a good way to increase brand awareness. It’s also a brilliant way to drive traffic to a website. As a business owner, you will no doubt be using social media on a regular basis for those reasons.

The thing is; some people don’t understand why they have little social media interest. Sure, they might be running a series of ad campaigns on popular social networks like Twitter. But, why aren’t more people responding to those ads?


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Now is the time to make some simple changes to your social media ad campaign strategies. By changing the way you do things, you will increase your conversion rates and get a better ROI. Here is what you need to do:

Make sure you are displaying ads at the best times

The thing about your target audience is they won’t be awake and looking at your content 24/7. There will be certain times when most of your social followers will be online.

There is no point paying for your ads to display all the time. That’s because you will end up paying a lot of money for your campaigns! Instead, you should find out when your audience is online the most.

If you have a Facebook page, for example, the Insights section can tell you this information. Once you know, alter your campaigns only to serve ads during those times.

Curate an email list

Believe it or not, people still use email in 2016! You should give people the opportunity to sign up to your mailing list. That way, they can receive your brand’s latest news in their inbox. They won’t need to sign into their social media accounts to learn more.

Your social media campaigns should give people the chance to sign up to your mailing list. And don’t forget to do the same on your website too!

Run A/B split tests on your social media campaigns

The golden rule of online advertising is to try different approaches and see which works best. When it comes to social media, you can run A/B split tests and use different ad groups and landing pages.

Doing so will help you determine which ads offer the best ROI. You can then fine-tune your best ads and ditch the worst performers. This is the one thing any good social media agency will tell you to do. It’s quite easy to set up such tests, so there’s no reason not to carry them out.

Use the right ways to capture the attention of your audience

Let’s face it; people don’t want to spend their spare time reading paragraphs of text. They want to look at content that captures their attention and inspires them in some way.

Many online advertisers find sharing images and videos on social media is good. In fact, such a strategy often yields a higher response rate than say linking to a blog post. Well, I hope today’s blog post has given you some ideas on how to boost your social media advertising. Thanks for checking it out!

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