Save money when creating your own home office

Working from home, you’re going to need a designated office for yourself. It’s space away from any others you might live with where you can get your head down and get engaged in work, free from distraction. That means it’s going to need to be kitted out so it serves all your needs. However, that can seem like something of a pricy prospect. So this guide is to help you set up your office space without breaking the bank.


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Outsource on a budget

If you’re working as a small business, the chances are that you will need to outsource some of the maintenance of your company to others. Outsourcing can be very expensive, however. Don’t be afraid to rely on the help of local freelancers or those aiming to gain some experience after education. Barter to offer them more than just money alone and it could cut the costs down a lot.

Go paperless

Keeping a paper system has the benefits of keeping everything in physical form that you can find. However, it can cost a lot of money and space. First, there’s the cost of paper. Then maintaining the printer, ink and toner. Add to that, the cost of filing cabinets or whatever kind of physical sorting system you have. Going paperless can keep almost everything you need in one location and for absolutely no cost except your internet bill. Just make sure you have everything backed up, too. Don’t want your work lost to any security risks on the computer.

Go used or remanufactured

When it comes to the furniture, why does it have to be completely new? You’re certain to be able to find something that will fit your standards in the used and remanufactured piles. After all, between the fancy computer desks and comfy chair, you would normally need to spend quite a lot to get your office ready for yourself. Dip into the sections that aren’t sparkling new. You might be surprised by what you find and save a bundle.

Use free software

You will most likely have need of all kinds of software. Some of these can’t be avoided when it comes to opening up the wallet. Others, however, have helpful free alternatives. The most basic of office software all comes completely free with the online Google Docs. Writing documents, creating graphs and tables. Even storing it all. Nearly everything you want to do has a free alternative. So take a look to see if you can find one before forking over the cash.


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Keep things organised on the cheap

You might be trying to go paperless, but there will almost always be enough physical clutter to keep you on your toes. You don’t need to go buying big filing cabinets to stay on top of it all, however. There are lots of alternatives that are much cheaper. Cork boards are cheap and can hold as many things as you have pins, for instance.

Save on the energy bill

If you’re spending a lot of time in your home office, the energy bill is something you might find rapidly growing in no time at all. Being a bit more environmentally aware in the office can save you a lot in the long-term. Keeping things insulated and using LED bulbs are just a start for those looking to go green.

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