Build a business with your family


There’s no denying that having a family and running a business can be two very strong opposing forces. One pulls you in one direction, and one pulls you in another. The danger is that one is always going to lose out. What though if there were another way? What if there was a way of combining the two? Is it really possible to run a business and enjoy the precious moments of your family all at the same time?

Keep the business in the family

More and more families are finding their way into blogging and web-related businesses. The reason is very simple. It is allowing them to share the worlds and ages of their children as well as starting to lay the foundations for a business. It makes sense after all that you will be interested in the things and issues that are relevant to you and your family. This goes into the world of product endorsement and comparison.  But it also crosses into building a business around a family based on relevant services and information. This is all about sharing and it would seem that the appetite for this is rising all the time. So particularly if you have a very young family, you might find that this approach suits you.

Family related businesses

If you just love being around children why not consider running day care or getting involved with a creche facility? But there are many options related to children in the world of afterschool activities that could make a great business. Dance schools, for example, are a popular way of combining a skill, with a family oriented business.

Then again you could think about skills and talents that you possess and have had or time to focus on such as baking or crafting. Many successful businesses have started this way in a kitchen or on a living room table. Creating youtube videos is just one way of promoting such a venture. You could very easily apply these skills to a blog or website. Don’t let the technical side of things prevent you from thinking big. IT companies can offer you all the tech drive, security and backup you will ever need. It’s like having your personal division behind your enterprise.

Finding time

Perhaps the biggest problem with a family and business is finding the time. It may be that you have aspirations to run an empire! Take your time, as your children grow you will find that more time becomes available to you. You can encourage the process by starting to build small pockets of time into the day. It maybe that you can arrange or exchange a few hours a day to focus on a business based on secretarial, accounting or even editing skills. These are the sorts of tasks that that you can pick up later in the evening, if you have the energy!

You can also use this time for invaluable research and development. No one is better placed to understand the markets and needs relating to families than a hands on Mom or Dad. And that kind of makes you an expert, which is an invaluable business skill.


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