Take your blog to the next level with these top ideas

Is your blog starting to stagnate? It’s something that many bloggers have to face up to. You either let it stagnate, or you take a step in a new direction in order to improve the blog.

Get More Social

One great way to create more interest in your blog and its content is to make it more social. If you don’t already have a dedicated account on Twitter (and maybe one on Facebook too) for your blog, then make one. This will help to spread your content across social media, catching the eye of more people. If you create the kind of content that is very shareable, then making sure that you post links to this content on social media is even more important. If you get it right, you might even be able to create a small community around the content you publish. Encourage discussions and conversations if you want to do this.

Keep Updating Your Posts

If you are struggling to keep people interested in your website, better linking could be the answer to all your troubles. Your posts need to have the right kind links in them. Of course, linking to reputable external sites is very important for SEO reasons. Search engine algorithms love the kind of content that links to and receive links from top websites. But internal linking is even more important if you want people to stick around on your blog for a little longer. You should even go back over your old posts and add new links to your more recent posts in them. This encourages people to read more of your content.


The images you use on your website matter a lot more than you might currently realise. People like to see great images that liven up a website when they visit it. They don’t want to see a dull and boring page that is full of nothing but words. We all prefer text to be broken up by images and other kinds of visually engaging content. If we don’t see something that stimulates our minds, then we instantly start to switch off, and that’s when people leave your website. It’s easy enough to find free stock photos on the internet, so make the most of them. They will instantly lend more visual appeal to your blog.

Add Keywords to Your Titles

You might think that it’s best to be unique and creative when it comes to writing titles for your blog posts. And it is. But it is also important to remember the basics. One of the most important of those basic rules is making sure that your titles are filled with the kinds of keywords that people search for. Think about what you would type into Google if you were looking for the kind of blog post that you are writing. And then transfer the keywords from what you entered and put them in your titles. This will make all your posts and content much easier to find for people who know nothing about your blog.


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