3 Office furniture styles you need to know about

furniture-802031_640Whether you’re setting up an office for the first time or you simply fancy a redesign, it’s likely that you’ll be looking to fill your workspace with pieces of furniture that are comfortable, convenient and cool. So, if you want your work areas to exude professionalism and style, keep reading.

  1. Modular seating

To give your office space a relaxed vibe, you could use modular seating. Modular seating solutions are free-moving and configurable, meaning you can switch up the shape and layout of the furniture to suit you. This type of furniture is especially great for use in communal spaces, such as break rooms and other socialising areas. If used here, your employees can move the chairs around as they wish, creating a much more laid-back atmosphere. If you’re interesting in kitting your office out with modular seating, you should look out for models that are covered in soft material. Additionally, this type of seating is usually available in a range of bright, vibrant colours, so you could make sure you choose a design that complements your brand image. For example, office furniture specialists Furniture At Work™ offer their cubist modular seating in a range of colours, from blue to black to red, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a suitable design.

  1. Credenza desks

Typically speaking, credenza refers to a solid piece of furniture that sits on the floor with no legs. However, this can open to interpretation, and the world of modern design tends to identify a credenza desk as being a long, low cabinet. In terms of office design, credenza desks are an ideal surface solution if you’re looking to combine style and convenience. While they look great and exude professionalism, credenza desks can also act as a storage solution. Many designs feature drawers and cupboards. Due to their solid build, these type of desks are perfect for executive offices.

  1. Bistro chairs and tables

While they may be useful in some environments, plastic chairs often don’t cut it when it comes to office style. Instead, you could use bistro chairs and tables. Bistro furniture is often available with a metal or wooden finish. If you have an outdoor area you’d like to improve, metal tables and chairs are ideal, while if you’d like to upgrade the furniture in your office kitchen, wooden models may be more appropriate. It’s important to remember that office style goes further than the desks and chairs you supply your staff members with, so you could ensure your entire workspace looks great by updating your furnishings.

From modular seating to credenza desks to bistro chairs and tables, there are various furniture styles that could help revamp your office in an instant.

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