7 of the best offices in the world


Willis Building and Lloyds Building, photo credit

f you’re sitting at work, staring at plain white walls and row and rows of half-asleep employees, you might be thinking, ‘is there more than this?’ Well the answer is, yes! There are many offices across the world that are oozing charisma and fun, so while you wait (and wait and wait) for your boss to whip out a pool table, buy a HD TV and go wild with colourful paints, here’s where you could be working. Sorry if you’re reading this on a Monday morning and now feel even more glum, but it could be the inspiration you need to get back on that job search.

  1. Lloyds of London headquarters

Want to work somewhere visually stunning? Then look no further than Lloyds of London’s super swanky, super modern headquarters. Nestled in the heart of the Square Mile it was named by job website Adzuna as the most eye-catching corporate building in the UK thanks to its unique architecture, which includes internal escalators that criss-cross up the middle of each floor.

  1. Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Canada

At over 500,000 square feet and housing over 1,000 members of staff, Corus Entertainment’s unique workspace is not only spacious but also boasts an array of impressive features including a five-story atrium with a three-story slide, boardroom tables shaped like ice hockey rinks, TV studios and a comfortable lounge for employees to enjoy throughout the day.

  1. Google offices worldwide

As one of the most fresh and trendy companies in the world, it’s perhaps no surprise that Google has some pretty wacky offices across the globe. While your average employee is thankful if there’s a canteen or drinks machine, Google employees are messing around on scooters, shooting down slides, playing on a putting green or simply chilling in space-age egg chairs.

While the Google office in Zurich boasts a fireman’s pole, videogames and a hammock-filled zone, the Google offices in Amsterdam have caravan meeting rooms.

  1. Innocent Drinks, Fruit Towers, London

The offices of Innocent Drinks are every inch as quirky as the brand itself with park benches, synthetic grass and ping-pong tables making Fruit Towers a great place to work. As well as resembling more of a picnic area than a workplace, Innocent Drinks also provide staff with free breakfast every day and an endless supply of smoothies – now that’s a reason to get up in the morning.

  1. Selgas Cano, Madrid, Spain

What better way to advertise your architectural practice than by building your very own incredible office? Designed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, this innovative office space is located in the woods near Madrid and features curved windows made of transparent acrylic which create a unique tunnel-like environment.

  1. Red Bull, London UK

It’s becoming more and more common these days for brands to have offices which reflect what they do and this can certainly be said of Red Bull, whose Soho headquarters are as edgy as their products. As well as a three-story video wall, a fun slide, bar café and a roof offering spectacular views over the West End, the office space also has a quirky reception desk which displays the patterns left behind by skaters, skateboarders, planes, race cars and bikes.

  1. DTAC HQ, Bangkok, Thailand

It’s not every day you find a circular library amphitheatre, indoor running track, indoor football pitch, and concert/performance spaces at work, but that’s exactly what the DTAC headquarters offer. To top it off, the views of Bangkok’s epic skyline are nothing short of spectacular from the roof terrace, making this a much sought after place to make a living.

As you can see, there are many wonderful offices across the globe, so if you’re looking for a change of career, why not aim high? After all, you could end up having a desk in one of these wonderful locations.

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