The seriously simple way to improve your website

Having a great website is one of the most important aspects of business. If you don’t take the time to build a fantastic website, you can’t expect people to want to work with you. These seriously simple tips will help you on the way to a much better website. Enjoy!

Split Testing

Split testing your website will help you to work out which parts are working best and which parts may need to be changed. You start by changing one small thing about your website; maybe a piece of text, font, or colour. You then send both versions to two different groups of people, and see which one is best responded to. You can then change your site and continue to do this until you feel happy with what you have. In some cases it’s an ongoing process that you can use to continuously improve your site.


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Calls to Action

Having calls to action on your website tells people what you want them to do. You might think they already know that you want them to buy from you, but they don’t. They are so much more likely to sign up to your newsletter if you ask them or tell them to. Include large calls to action above the fold to make them more likely to click.

Easy Navigation

Having easy navigation makes it simple for your audience to make their way around your site. They should be able to understand things easily and should be able to get to where they want to go with no hassle. If your site is too difficult, it doesn’t matter how good it looks. They’ll leave and go elsewhere.

Your Colour Scheme

Maybe your colour scheme doesn’t show up well on certain computers. You need to consider different models and members of your audience. Make sure your colour scheme not only matches your brand, but is easy to see.

Quality Content

Having quality content is probably the most important thing you can have. Your site can look amazing, but without quality content it’s unlikely to go anywhere. Just like you can have quality content and a poor looking site, but it still might do okay. Fill your site with it regularly, and make sure it’s totally original.

SEO and Marketing

SEO and marketing will make your site more visible to your audience. You can’t get away from it if you want it to do well! can make it easier for you to market your site.

Put Your Face on it

Putting your face on your site makes it so much easier to trust, as people can see who’s behind it all. Make sure you include sufficient contact details too, so people can speak with you if they have any worries.

Try these tips and you won’t believe how much better your website starts to get. It’ll look better, get a better response from your audience, and you should build your reputation too. Improving your site is a continuous process, so don’t give up!


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