10 Recruitment secrets all job hunters should know


There are many ways to apply for a job in today’s world of social media and the internet. A large proportion of the recruitment market now carries out their business online.

1. Tailor your CV

When applying for a job the first thing to prepare is your CV and the This is Money website explains how many applicants fail because they make simple spelling mistakes. For every job you apply for you should try and tailor your CV to suit the position that’s available. There is a wide variety of information online and if you click here you will find some important advice and job opportunities.

2. Education

Don’t forget to add all of your education to your application forms and CVs, even the shortest adult education class might be relevant. If your education doesn’t look very impressive you can always include hobbies that may be relevant to the job.

3. Be consistent

No matter how you are applying for a job you should always make sure that all of your online information reads the same. If your LinkedIn profile says you are a manager in a shop and your other social media sites say you are the CEO, then whoever is looking at your application will wonder what’s going on.

4. Use keywords

When you fill out your online application or fill in your social media profile try using words that match the industry you want to work in. If you are a graphic designer then use words that are generally used in that profession.

5. Check out the company

Before you send off your CV, find out as much information about the company as possible. If you get to the interview stage with a company or business the more you know about them the more impressed they will be.

6. Applying directly to the company

Sometimes the best way to make sure a CV and covering letter actually gets to the right place is to go directly to the company. This can work out if you can get past the receptionist and give your personal information straight to the HR department or the boss.

7. Don’t apply for everything

An article in The Guardian online has a list of job hunting mistakes. Some of these may sound obvious, but when you are desperately looking for that much needed career it might look bad if an employer sees online that you’ve applied for a wide range of jobs.

8. Ask the right questions

When at an interview make sure you ask questions that are relevant to the position you are applying for and what the demands of the job are going to be on you. Check the job description before and practice your answers with a friend.

9. Good impressions

Presenting yourself well at an interview is important and this also includes having an online video meeting. These types of interview are becoming much more popular, so look smart and make sure the background looks good also.

10. Keep in contact

Once you have sent off your information or have had an interview make sure you contact them back after a couple of weeks. You don’t want to annoy them, but you don’t want to be forgotten.

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