How you can reduce printing costs in your office

Any office has its daily costs, which can all mount up. Keeping these expenses down is essential to your bottom line. But it can sometimes be a struggle to reduce some of the everyday items. Printing is one of the things that many business owners find cost them a lot. Ink and toner are expensive to keep in supply, and then there’s paper and electricity to pay for too. It is possible to lower your printing costs, however, even if you’re not sure how to do it at first. Use the tips below to help you spend less on printing in the office.



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If you want to reduce your office printing costs, your whole staff has to be on board. You can tell everyone that you wish to use the printers less, but you need to give them some guidelines. If you come up with some ground rules, they’ll know when it’s appropriate to use a printer and when they don’t need to print something out. You can create a printing policy to tell your employees when and how they can print things. For example, you might say that they can print a document in black and white to hand out at a meeting. But you could forbid printing when emailing a document would work just as well.

Use Managed Print Services

Sometimes you need to bring in outside help to get your office organized. When it comes to printing, you can enlist the assistance of a managed print service. These services can take a look at your printing and help you to come up with a plan to manage it better. The aim is to help you save money and be more productive by running your printers in the best way. For example, Ricoh London says they can cut your printing and photocopying costs by up to 30%. Suggestions might include changing your printing supplies or even outsourcing.

Use the Cloud

Going digital is one of the best ways of reducing your printing costs. While it’s useful to have hard copies of some things, you shouldn’t need to have hundreds of filing cabinets. People can store, share and even collaborate on documents and other files on their computers and other devices. Using cloud storage and software makes it easy to get rid of a large amount of printing. Office workers can use applications like Google Drive to work on things together without having to print anything out.

Save on Supplies

As well as cutting down on the amount of printing your office does, you can find other ways to save on supplies. Ink and toner are the most expensive costs, and it can be difficult to spend less on them. Some printers will have a setting to help you save on ink and toner. You can also use draft mode, which won’t give you the best print quality but it will still be readable. Buying third-party ink can help too. However, you have to be careful about voiding warranties.

Your office doesn’t have to spend so much on printing. If the costs are mounting up, try using these solutions to reduce them.

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