Always be face to face with your audience

faceWhether you happen to be a public figure, an expert of your field, or simply doing your best to reach others with your products and services during the daily grind, trying to communicate in any way but face to face can be extremely difficult. Not only are certain words and meanings lost when they are typed out, but when you think about the specifics of how people communicate best, you already know there needs to be a visual element to it. Then when you imagine how beneficial a way to speak with others while also seeing them at the same time could be, you should start getting excited for what communication will be like going forward.

Communication is Completely Nonverbal

One of the interesting pieces written by Psychology Today goes into great detail about how much our communication is nonverbal. There are some suggestions out there which go into great detail about the theoretical percentages of how much our communication truly does or does not rely on words being spoken. And, while it might not matter what those suggested percentages are, the average amount stated continues to show people say more by not saying anything at all.

The nonverbal cues are in your everyday life from rolling eyes to smiling, and even the way that you stand, lean, or move your arms. People don’t even realize for the most part the amount of nonverbal that they respond to, and subliminally they are giving those cues right back and putting them right back into the world as well without even knowing it! The craziest part is that you have been doing this your whole life. Now imagine how hard it would be to communicate without having the face to face contact.

Even Words Can’t Convey True Meaning

Another piece by Inc shows that even the very words you read may not give you the best context and desired effect, after all. More and more people are jumping into the email game as the younger generation continues to come into the workplace. However, while email is becoming the new standard, the baggage it brings along is the ineffective context and unclear meaning of certain general subjects and especially with sensitive issues. Because there are certain sensitive issues and important topics that are too important to be left to guesswork, there is a time and a place that sit down communication is needed where multiple parties are present.

Unfortunately, because of the global economy and a more widespread world is being interconnected all of the time, it can be extremely difficult to literally get face to face with many of the people you do business with every day. Getting your message out in one form or another can become even more complex if you rely on seeing someone in person, and yet the visual element of communication is too important to neglect. That is exactly why some companies such as Blue Jeans are reinventing the communication field by offering the best video streaming systems that are currently out there. People are finding the overall process as simple as any other app or program, and the best part is they aren’t leaving any communication elements on the table.

Making Communication Pass the Quantity and Quality Test

The fact of the matter is communication needs to done frequently for most businesses, organizations, and leaders in general. If the people you need to hear your message need to do it face to face, then you already know the downfalls of trying to simply send them an email or a phone call where all visual cues are lost. However, the costs of any meetings in general can add up tremendously, not just from a financial point of view but from a production and efficiency standpoint as well. By having the ability to use software and let your employees be in front of each other’s faces with just the click of the button, an organization is able to drop countless hours of wasted minutes. Not only can the wasted time that is used to gather, coordinate schedules, and wait around for everyone to show up be saved, but the key decision makers of any task can be on the same page in mere seconds without even needing to leave their office.

The amount of time that can be saved is astronomical when you can account for a service that puts people in your organization in front of others in seconds flat. However, when also you realize that those individuals aren’t wasting time trying to interpret messages, or that certain key materials aren’t being lost in translation along the way, you can literally have all of your employees on the same page and in less time. Communications are vital to any organization, and if you can improve on them while also getting more done, you will no doubt see more people switching to video conferencing in the near future.


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