Running a business around your family has never been easier!

Being a mum and a business owner is hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Running a business and raising a child are the two things I’m most passionate about in the world. A lot of people think that the juggling act is a difficult one, and they aren’t wrong. However these days it’s easier than it ever has been to build a business around your family. And I’m going to tell you exactly how to achieve this.

Do as Much as You Can From the Armchair

When you run a business around your family, you need to stay home as much as you can. If you have a toddler or infant, it’s not practical to be heading into the office every day. And that’s why I would advise trying to do as much as you can from the armchair. That’s the metaphorical armchair, of course. What I mean is try to do as much as you can from home so you can balance looking after the family and the company together. Bits and pieces that have to be done away from home can be sorted at a later date.

Use Software to Make Things Easier

Running a business is fun and fulfilling, but it’s never straightforward. As a mother, I like to use tools that will help me be more efficient and streamlined as a business. As a mumpreneur, I always make sure I research software that can help me with important areas of the company. For example, if you need to learn about utilising keywords and SEO  check out the Keyword Canine 3.0 review. This helps me understand how the software works and how it will benefit me. If I’m looking for teleconferencing software, I will compare Skype and Viber and see which is more user-friendly. I want the easiest software that can help me grow my business.

Be as Productive as Possible

The fact of the matter is that being a working mum you may only have limited time to work each day. So it’s important to make the most of this. When you do get the opportunity to work interrupted, i.e. when the kid is asleep, knuckle down. Try to be as productive as you can with the times you have available. If you can be disciplined and structured you might be surprised by how much you can get done.

Don’t Try to Do it all Yourself

We all know how time-consuming it can be running a business these days. There are so many different facets to it, and trying to juggle that with motherhood can be too much sometimes. The trick is to let go of your pride and accept that you can’t do everything yourself. In fact, I don’t think you should even try. You’re not going to have the time or resources to carry out all your business tasks properly. But that’s okay, no one expects you too. And that’s where the wonderful world of outsourcing comes to the rescue! Anything you can’t do yourself you just need to outsource. This will help the business run effectively, and give you more breathing space.


As you can see, there are quite a few things you can do to run the company effectively. These will allow you to give your child the attention they need, and still run the company. Make use of my suggestions, and if you come up with any of your own feel free to let me know!

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