Start a business in the world’s largest industry: agriculture


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If you’re looking for a major career break, why not look to the largest industry on the planet? Agriculture is the oldest, richest business on earth. And, far from being outdated, you’ll find some of the best modern technology and concepts here. It’s not just about dairy farming or rearing animals. Think about our entire approach to food in the 21st century. There’s a huge drive towards organic, and healthy alternative foods. It’s an enormous market, and there are endless opportunities for the smart entrepreneur.

Find your niche

One of the downsides of joining the largest industry on the planet is the big pond effect. It’s very easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond. That’s why it’s so important to find a small niche to begin with. Where does your expertise (and passion) lie? Are you obsessed with mechanics, and handy with the tools? Perhaps you could start building machinery and farm vehicles. Or you could manufacture and provide the supplies. Another popular startup route is farm marketing. It’s a new way to put agri businesses on the map.

Organic whole foods

It’s worth touching on this subject specifically, because it marks a major change for the industry. Following trends (or setting them) is important in any industry. But, you’ll notice how the trend for organic and alternative foods has risen dramatically. There’s a reason why shops like Whole Foods have grown so big. The public are willing to pay extra for organic food, luxury smoothies, and ‘superfoods’. You can take advantage of this growing market, and tap straight into it.


Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to surround yourself with expert suppliers. Farmers, for example, need supplies for animal feed, fertilizers, and seeds. They also need machinery supplies and components for farm vehicles. The expert suppliers at CCTY Bearing tell us that the agricultural industry is one of their top markets. It just goes to show the underlying support systems you’ll need to put in place for your company.

Vehicles and machinery

If you’re actively looking to run a farming business, you’ll need plenty of vehicles and machinery. We mentioned that modern farms are incredibly kitted out with modern tech. Well, this is where you’ll really start to notice that trend. Everything from automated spreaders to smart sensors for crop feeding will come in useful. Of course, there are also the bigger machines like tractors and combine harvesters that you’ll need to budget for.

The business side

Before we go, we’ll also remind you about the basics of starting a good business. You’ll still need to write a business plan, secure funding, and register with the tax man. We’ve got lots of resources for new entrepreneurs, and much of it is transferrable to any industry. The agricultural market is certainly unique, but the fundamentals of business success are the same.

The agricultural business continues to thrive. Entrepreneurs are finding new gaps in the market every day. Find your own little corner of the world’s biggest industry, and take advantage. Good luck!

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