Succeeding with a start up from day one

It begins with a seed of an idea. You might start thinking about what it would be like to be your own boss. Or, you may already have a concept of what your company could be and what it would offer. Then comes the denial. You think: that could never be me. Let’s stop right there because how do you know you’re not suited to run a business? We can tell you who you need to be.

You need to be determined to succeed and ambitious with your goals. You can’t let the worry of failure stop you from trying. You need to have the drive to be successful, and you have to have a strong business sense. If you’re good at balancing a budget, you might have the ideal mindset. You also have to know that you can get people to follow you. That means you’ve got leadership skill and some level of charisma. Does this sound like you? Then you are already the perfect candidate to start a new business. But how do you make this out of reach dream a reality?


Decide What Your Business Is Going To Be

Congratulations, you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur. That in itself is a big step.We wouldn’t be surprised if day one involved quitting your job, celebrating and panicking. Can you really do this? Yes, you can, you just need to think about what your business is going to be. As we’ve said, you might already have this concept. Try to make it something bold and original. You might want to look at the current events in business. Try to think about what customers need that they are not being offered and that you can provide. Don’t be put off if you find your business idea is not as original and brand new as you’d hoped. The world is full of people and there is a good chance one has already thought of what you want to do. But, there’s nothing stopping you becoming a strong competition.

Get The Support You Need

You can’t run a business by yourself without support. You’re going to need two types, financial support and demand for your product or service. These are quite easy to obtain these days. Both can usually be found online. If you’re looking to find the demand for your business, you will be hunting out your target customer. They aren’t hidden and are often wandering around in plain site all over the web. You just have to bring them towards you and you can do this using social media. Set up your social profiles as business accounts. Start offering updates about the industry you’re going to join. Ask your followers what they want from a business and hint that you are starting your own. You can also set up a blog. A blog is a great way to build interest. You can write about topics related to your business and gain readers. Once your business is setup, you can use it as an independant marketing platform. That covers the demand but what about finances?

Even if you can, we don’t recommend setting up a business out of your own pocket. While this shows confidence, ultimately you could lose it all. You should only do this if you could lose the cash and still be financially secure. Instead, try to get help funding your business. If your company has commercial value, you might find success on sites like Kickstarter. You can use the demand you have already gained to fund your new business.

If you can’t do that, why not think about attending a trade show? You’ve got your idea and with a little marketing, you can make it come to life. If you think it is fresh and innovative, you should catch the eye of some investors. But you need to be prepared to show them how they could profit from your company. Use that business mindset we talked about to show how your company could grow in the next five years. You need to sell your idea as a product and make them desperate to buy.

The marketing is important because trade shows are competitive. If you can’t make a splash, you will come back empty handed. When that happens, it can be disheartening. But don’t give up. You can always consider taking out a private business loan. These loans do have big interest rates, so you have to be careful you know what you’re borrowing and whether you can pay it back.

Once you’ve got the money and demand, you’ll have everything you need to make your business success. Within a year, you could be one of the biggest companies in your industry. Good luck.


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