Get more customers with these insane marketing techniques


Want to know how your business can get more customers? Then have a read of these amazing tips:

Social Media Promotions

Generally speaking, social media marketing is fabulous. Seriously, if your business isn’t on social media already, then you’re missing out. But, one of my favourite ways to use social media marketing is through promotions. This is where you offer special promotions to people that follow you on social media. Get on Twitter and do a contest that requires people to follow you and retweet a tweet to enter. You should soon see your follower count rise, especially if you’re offering a good prize in the contest. When your followers rise, so do your chances of gaining customers through social media.

Also, you can give out special offers on products/services through social networking sites only. If someone wants to get these discounts, they’re going to have to find you on social media. If you’ve used the first tip to get your follower count up, then the second tip can be used after. It means there’s a huge chance all your new followers will then use the special offers.


Exhibitions are a killer marketing technique for your business. They’re especially effective for small business owners looking to get a little bit of extra promotion in. At an exhibition, your business will set up a stand and try and draw people in. There will be tonnes of consumers walking around the exhibition centre, checking out all the businesses. You want to make sure they all come to you so you can get talking and promoting your business. The benefit of this marketing technique is that you can speak directly to the consumer. Plus, face to face interaction is said to lead to a higher chance of closing a sale. An exhibition can help your customer base grow in a very short space of time.

The key is getting yourself noticed and making your business shine brighter than all the others. To do this, you’ll need an awesome stand. There are companies like Finesse Group that make specially designed exhibition stands. If your stand gets some professional design help, it’s more likely to stand out and reel in the customers!

Persuasive Advertisements

Advertising is a very good way to get more customers for your business. The trick is creating persuasive ads. Adverts that get people thinking they need to use your business. To do this, you have to design adverts that are geared towards a specific market. Then, you play on something they hold dear to them. For example, if you’re a health & fitness business, you have a very specific market to cater to. Your adverts should mention things like gaining muscle and losing fat. This will appeal to your target audience and help persuade them to use your business.

Of course, it’s the same concept for any other business, I just used that as an easy example. And, you can have adverts in the print form, online or in video form. Make sure you cover all the bases!

Follow these three simple tips and you’ll soon see more customers flying through your doors!


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