Are you the type of person who could run a business?

It’s a dream that many people share. We all hope for the day where we have become successful enough to be running our own business. In the past, running your own business meant that you either inherited the job or you worked your way up from the bottom. But now, it’s easy to set up a start-up company and shortly you will be the head of a new business. It doesn’t take a lot at all. A few investments, a couple workers a website and bam! You now own a new company.

But even though it is fairly easy, that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it or even should be able to. A lot of people will find starting their company a difficult venture. You need certain personality traits and at least some skill. Here are what we believe are the key factors you need to be your own boss.


Be Assertive

If you’re going to run your company, you need to be assertive. What does this mean exactly? Essentially being assertive means that you can put forward your idea and get it heard. You won’t be ignored or if you like, put in a corner. Only people with this type of personality trait can make their business succeed. If you’re not assertive, your business will be forgotten in the sea of other start-up companies that are being set up this year. You can find a great assertiveness ebook online that will tell you how to develop this particular personality trait.

Be A Leader

Don’t forget that when you own a business you will be taking on a leadership role. Your business will succeed or fail based on how well you can run your company. You need to be a person that can keep your team loyal and that others see have a degree of authority. It’s important that they trust your judgement and that you can reign employees in when they are heading astray. Part of this is certainly being likeable but it takes more than that. You have to have the presence of someone who can own and command a room or office.

Be Marketable

In the first few months of setting up your business, the most important role that you will take on will be to get funding and make business contacts. To do this, you will need to have charisma and be appealing. But, you’ll also need to know how to make the idea for your company marketable. This is all about how you present both yourself and your concept. You can learn how to do this by taking a course in presentation. But for some people it comes naturally. These are the people who have no problem standing in front of a crowd and talking about a concept for hours. More importantly, they keep the interest of their audience. Remember, Steve Jobs was essentially just the figurehead of Apple. He had the ideas and presented them. Other made his concepts come to life behind the scenes.

If you have these traits, you might be the perfect fit as the boss of a new business that you own. Good luck.

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