3 reasons why mums should start a podcast

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My name is Veena, single Mum to a very energetic 6 year old boy. He’s currently at school as I write this and today, I don’t miss him at all. He called me a ‘sucker’ as I dropped him in, I didn’t even have time to shout as he ran into class so fast and disappeared into the sea of children’s heads.

I’ve been listening to ‘Let it go’ so the anger doesn’t manifest inside me!

On Sunday, I will be uploading the 32nd episode of the Mum to Millionaire podcast. My podcast features inspirational stories from parents who have built successful businesses whilst raising their kids. It’s packed full of so much motivation and business tips on a weekly basis.

I’ve just hit 12,000 downloads and I’m so excited to tell you why you should consider starting your very own show too.

Hold on what is a podcast!?

A podcast is a piece of audio that can be downloaded to listen to on your computer or phone. It’s basically radio on demand.

3 reasons why Mums should start a podcast

1) Easier than Youtube

I’m in LOVE with youtube and have even created my personal brand around it called ‘Veena V’s Youtube Club

However it takes a very long time to set up your camera, get the lighting right and put your make up on! By the time you’ve done that, it’s time to pick the kids up from school.

With podcasting you can literally record a show in your pyjamas and no one will ever know! All you have to do is hit record and you’re more or less done.

It’s a much easier option to build your brand if you’re a busy parent

2) Connection

Podcasts create a strong sense of connection from the get go. You’ll hear me in your ears when you’re on a walk, at the gym, cooking the dinner. I am with you in your life!

Businesses can struggle to connect with their potential customers but if you’ve already started to a build a relationship its much more easier to sell your product or service to them in the future. By hearing your voice people are more likely to trust you, it’s like you’re their friend.

3) Possible income stream

Once you create a solid number of listeners the option of sponsorships crop up. This is another great way to make money from home. There’s some big podcasters in the US that make $1,000 PER episode.

Starting a podcast is no quick fix – think of it as a long term friendship. Build strong relationships with your customers by giving them useful tips, open up to them about your own life and just be there for them when they need you the most!

With everything in life you need to work hard and be consistent and podcasting could be a very welcome addition to your life, if you let it.

Go for it – you have nothing to lose

Veena V – Founder of Mum to Millionaire

Listen to the Mum to Millionaire podcast every week on the blog, iphone or android.

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