How to add the personal touch to your office

officeThe Free Dictionary definition of an office is: ‘A room or set of rooms in which business, professional duties, clerical work, etc, are carried out.’ It’s a clinical and functional sounding world, and anyone with personality – which is all of us, right – will want to sprinkle a dash of individuality into the workspace.

Here are several ways to make the office your own.

Remember why you’re in that office in the first place – to provide and care for the ones you love. Pictures of family members smiling at you will soothe the pain of uncomfortable meetings and dreadful phone conversations.

Those pictures might smile at you from within an ornate frame, or a canvas looking down on you from the wall. Perhaps they will help you make a date from the pages of an organiser – take a look at options for photo calendars here.

Add some colour
If you don’t own the space then you’ll possibly be limited in some of the alterations you can make, and the furniture you can bring in. However, a contrasting rug, cushions, vases and other items can dramatically and subtly change the balance of the workspace.

Even different stationery colours can alter the tone of the office. Imagine swapping the black notepads for sky blue or yellow, and the effect that would have; more welcoming, but perhaps less business-like?

Art or prints
Any sporting or political figures that could provide inspiration might take pride of place on your walls. Remember Istanbul in 2005, Jonny Wilkinson in 2003, or perhaps Buster Douglas in 1990? How about Nelson Mandela, or the Dalai Lama? Scenes of bravery, people of honour and places of beauty will tell visitors what drives you.

If you don’t go for pictures then how about sayings, quotes or words of wisdom? They don’t need to be massive, just big enough to provide a once-in-a-while reminder of how great people think.

Add a soft chair or two
Offices are primarily for work – but not exclusively. A sofa and table for a brew provides a zone of relaxation for a five-minute break, and a less formal setting for a chat with colleagues or friends who may drop in.

Try not to blend too many colours into a multi-coloured garish soup though; one pattern, or one or two tones, will suffice.

The office-dweller of the 21st Century needs more than just a phone – a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop, perhaps. This gif shows how little clutter an actual office needs in 2015, should you wish to take a minimalist approach.

However, despite laptops swallowing up the functionality of seemingly every device possible there is still scope for imposing personality through technology. For one, a digital photograph frame showing faces, holiday locations and other fabulous pictures will stamp one’s life upon the office.

A second option is a music player or remote speaker – if your office is shared you can compile a playlist, making sure that your musical choice is heard no matter if it’s Taylor Swift or Mozart.

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