How to upcycle office furniture

eventTired of your old, lifeless, office furniture? Instead of emptying your wallet by purchasing new pieces of furniture, upcycle your old pieces and put the ‘spark’ back into the office.

All you need to get started is permission from your boss – unless you bought your own office furniture, in which case, work away!

Wheels of Fortune
Office chairs often have wheels to allow easy movement but these wheels can become less ‘productive’ over time, scuffing around the edges and becoming stiffer by the day. Tente UK has every possible wheel that you could wish for to upcycle your office swivel chair. Now you can glide across the room on your lunch break as though the office was your stage.

Soft Furniture
If you want to add a splash of colour to your soft office furniture, consider using appropriate fabric paint to liven things up. If you’re lucky enough to have cushions in your office, why not personalise these by adding some decorative items such as buttons or pockets to store USB pens and other smaller office supplies? The same type of thing can be done in the cafeteria with chairs and sofas.

Office Desk
Are you sick of your old plain office desk? Bring some life into the office by reinventing an old favourite. There are many ways to do this, the most common being replacing the top surface of the desk completely or by changing it up a bit. According to fabric accents and a few coats of paint are all you need to create a brand new desk workspace with unexpected patterns and textures.

Expanded Bookshelf
If you have a large or small bookshelf in your office, or any other type of ‘shelf arrangement’ and need some extra space to hold office files and folders, consider adding additional shelving to the original bookcase. You could even transform objects into extra shelving for the office. For example, Bored Panda has taken an old ladder and displayed it horizontally across the wall to act as a bookshelf.

Chalkboard Reminders
Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everyday work tasks which is why hanging up an old chalkboard will provide you with a place to jot down all your daily tasks, goals and other notes. You can frame the board with a colourful wooden frame to add a bit more life into it. You can also do this with a white board if chalk proves to be a little bit too messy in the office.

You can always spruce up an old lampshade or make a completely new one from scratch. You can use beer bottles, for instance, and combine them together to create a rustic styled chandelier or get even more creative and start thinking about new ways in which you can create fancy new lampshades for your office. You could paper mache the base of the lamp using old comic book strips to give the room an edge and a more youthful appearance.

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