The basics of building a business online

Let’s face it; thousands of business ideas can make money. These days, many entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet to make their fortunes. Online stores offer so many advantages over traditional retail ones. For example, overheads are lower than their bricks and mortar counterparts.

It’s also easier to target an international audience when you sell over the Internet. And let’s not forget that websites are ready to serve customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Are you setting up an online business soon? If so, it’s crucial that you know the basics before you begin. Otherwise, your efforts to build the business could prove fruitless. Here is what you need to know:


Identify your target audience

The first thing you need to do is think about who you want to buy your products and services. All businesses have a target market, regardless of what they sell. If you target the wrong audience, you could end up wasting money and become broke in the process!

Let’s say that you want to sell smartphones, tablets and accessories online. Your target audience may be younger generations and professionals.

One easy way to identify your target audience is to look at what your competitors are doing. Who do they target and how do they do it?

Set up a decent website

If you’re starting an online business, you need a website. Anyone can set one up, it’s not a difficult task. But, what can sometimes prove challenging is doing so the right way. It’s important you don’t cut corners or make mistakes when setting up a website.

Your online home needs to look professional and be attractive to your target market. I recommend hiring a web designer to come up with a responsive, well-structured site. It needs to be one that is accessible to all audiences and easy to use.

A copywriter can produce some marketing and sales content for your pages that packs a punch. You may also wish to consider providing downloadable product datasheets for your items too.


Meanwhile, you should consider using an SEO expert to make the site visible in search engines. There are also some optimization tips you can do yourself; here are some free SEO resources for you to try out. Be sure to find out what SEO companies can offer before you hire them, so that you know what to expect for your money.

Work with a mentor

If you’re new to online selling, you should seek guidance from a seasoned pro. Mistakes cost time and money, and they are worth avoiding – especially as a new startup.

A mentor can help you to achieve your long-term goals by helping to steer you in the right direction. Business coaches get used by some of the world’s leading brands, including online ones.

Engage with your audience

Last, but not least, it’s important that you listen to the feedback your customers give you. They are the people that help you to grow your business. You can use their feedback to tailor your products and services.

Feedback is also useful for identifying common problems so that you can resolve them. Good luck!


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