Five ways to fit fitness into a busy work schedule

fitnessWe’d all like to get fitter but, for some of us, busy working lives get in the way. So, if your business impinges on the hours before and after that, how do you still squeeze in the time to get fit?

Here are five top tips to make sure work and workouts can both be accommodated in your schedule…


Leave the car on the drive and walk or cycle and you’ll be able to turn those ‘dead miles’ into something worthwhile. It might not always be plausible for those who live further away from the office but even the walk to the bus stop might give you a brisk five-minute workout in the morning that simply sitting in your car cannot provide.

Lunch break

It’s important to take time away from your work during your lunch break, and getting in some fitness work can be ideal to take your mind off job matters. Try to build in a jog, walk or cycle at least a few times a week – or maybe even nip off to the gym. If you’ve got to work through your lunch that doesn’t mean you have to stay inactive. Sitting down too long is bad for you so make sure you get up regularly to walk around and don’t allow yourself to be chained to the desk. Think of this not so much as part of your fitness regime – but as ensuring that your fitness work doesn’t go to waste during the day.


A proper fitness regime needs to be fuelled by a diet that contains a balanced set of nutrients. By making sure you pack the right snacks to take with you to work you’ll be able to work on getting that right while you get on with your day job. Make smart use of supplements to top up the elements that you aren’t able to consume through food and you’ll be able to leave the office ready and raring to go right away. The latest lines from the likes of Fysiqal Nutrition should help.


Do you work long hours and simply don’t have time to build in visits to the gym? Maybe you have to take paperwork home to complete? There are many ways in which you can carry out a full fitness regime without even leaving your own home. There are a whole host of workouts that can be followed on YouTube to suit every skill level. You’ll only need a corner of your living room and some weights and you’re off. Why not leave the weights near the television – or somewhere else in your eyeline – so that you’re encouraged to get to work?


One sure-fire way to build fitness into a busy work schedule is to play a sport. Team up with your friends and set aside a night every week when you’ll get together to play. You don’t have to enter into a serious league to get the most from this but by setting a regular time slot aside you’re more likely to go… and you won’t want to let your friends down either.

Making exercise a regular part of your working day will help it to become a key part of your schedule and, eventually, it won’t feel like you always have to ‘find time’. Little adjustments to your commute will help – keeping an eye on your diet and activity while at the desk can create the right starting point for fitness work. Exercising at home – and with friends – will also help you to build it into your working week.

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