How to get (and keep) your first ‘real’ job

jobNo matter what stage you are in life, whether you are a recent college graduate, have just finished high school or have been searching for a suitable job for a while now, bagging your first ‘real’ job is quite an achievement. If you find that you are struggling to find employment, there are ways in which you can better prepare yourself to ensure that you not only get a job, but that you are able to keep it. Follow these tips and you can soon schedule a night of celebration.

Suitable Jobs

Before you begin to hand in your resume to various companies, you need to take some time and make a decision about what type of career you are interested in. If you are struggling to narrow down your options, think about your individual skills, qualities and experience. If you are a talented artist then perhaps a creative job in an animation firm will be of interest to you, or if you are great at talking to people and you want a job in which you can showcase this skill then call centre jobs in Manchester may be more suited to you.

Your first job is often the one that causes the most anxiety, as taking your first step into the world of work can seem like a daunting task to many people. Remember that everyone goes through this at some stage and that you have something unique to offer the ‘world of work’.

Write a Resume

If you already have a resume then great, maybe it just needs updating or tweaking a little bit before you are ready to send it out to potential employers. However, if you need to write it from scratch, make sure to include relevant information such as contact details, qualifications, education, work experience, achievements and extra-curricular activities that will help to showcase your work ethic and your potential. When a job opens up, usually it gets a number of applicants and each of them will send a CV in. Yours must stand out from the crowd and catch the employer’s attention.

Interview Tips

Now that you have landed a job interview, it is time to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. The impression that you give to the employers at your interview is very important so make sure you dress for the occasion and that you have done your research on the job and the hiring company.

According to having the right attitude is crucial and you must be both realistic and optimistic when conveying your abilities to the employer. They will expect you to have some level of understanding about the industry in which you have applied for a job and are likely to ask questions related to this during the interview.

Show Maturity

You must be polite both at the interview and when you actually get the job. Don’t let anybody overhear you complain about the workload or bad mouth the company or you could find yourself unemployed and back to where you started – jobless. Whenever you receive constructive criticism, try your best to take it in your stride. According to every piece of feedback has a valuable takeaway, so make sure that you, ‘listen intently to what your boss has to say, be accountable and view it as a learning opportunity.’


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