Innovative resolutions to common commercial security problems

securityBusiness owners have to think more innovatively than ever about how to protect their companies. Cyber crime is on the increase and conventional crime shows no signs of easing.

Protect the outside of your building

Roller blinds are one of the most effective ways of protecting the exterior of your company. Some local authorities do ask that you seek planning permission before fitting these invaluable security devices, so it’s always a good idea to consult with the planning department before going ahead with an installation. Click here to see a wide range of blinds, shutters and grilles that can protect your premises.

Talk to the police

It sounds obvious but many commercial property owners fail to talk to their local police force about security. Most forces across the UK have informative websites where business owners can keep up to date with the most effective trends and types of security devices. For example Surrey police force even advises on how to make the best use of your CCTV and offers guidance on different types of alarms. A very useful piece of information suggests that business owners frequently change their security codes on their doors and other points of access. It’s not just the criminals that can harm a building; a dissatisfied former employee can also damage a business.

A well lit business is important

Thieves love the dark. Any building that has large parts of its exterior shrouded in gloom is asking for trouble. Business owners should be aware that some lighting systems can affect the efficiency of their CCTV, so always test the angles where your security lights are positioned so they do not blur your CCTV images. Movement sensors are expensive, but harsh lights that are triggered by a potential criminal or burglar alerting your movement sensor can save your company thousands of pounds. If your company is in a rural area, be aware that foxes and other animal prowlers can trigger your lighting system.

Good design can secure your business premises

The police also run another excellent online resource, the Secured by Design website. The website highlights the fact that good design can cut down on crime risk by 75%. Although most businesses might feel that their buildings are secured, this website suggests checking security fencing and installing secondary double glazing are all tried and tested methods for deterring criminals. The website also suggests that just because your buildings are secure, it doesn’t mean the same applies to your company car park. Criminals spend a lot of time just observing a building, so don’t overlook any of the areas that are open to the public. This includes car parks and walkways.

3D toolkit for new buildings

If you are constructing a new commercial premises then you should download a 3D interactive toolkit. This invaluable app will highlight any areas of your building that may be vulnerable and help you construct a safe and secure building for the future of your business.

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