10 silly mistakes you’re making with your business cards

business_cardBusiness cards should be a simple concept. You pop your logo, name and contact details on and you’re done, right? Wrong. There are businesses out there making some silly mistakes when it comes to business cards and as a result not seeing the return they should when handing them out. Take a look at these mistakes below and check that you aren’t doing the same:

  1. Outdated contact details

You have 200 business cards that need using, but they feature your old phone number. You think ‘it’s fine, I’ll just tell people it’s wrong when I hand it over and to email me instead’ but a business card featuring outdated information gives a poor impression of you and your brand. Recycle the cards you have (do not amend that telephone number with pen) and have more created with the right details.

  1. No social media site links

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should all be featured on your business card if you have profiles on them for your business. It doesn’t need to be the whole web address, just the logos will suffice to encourage people to find you later.

  1. Inconsistent branding

Your business card, website and office stationery should all neatly tie together with the same logo, font and colours. If your business card is strikingly different to your normal branding this could confuse those you hand it to.

  1. Poor quality card and printing

Okay, some of us don’t have a huge marketing budget but business cards are some of the most important marketing tools you can have at your disposal. Instead of heading straight to a cheap printing site, which always has an offer on, consider looking into business card printing from Helloprint or another company that specialises in business cards – and doesn’t offer them as an extra product alongside photo printing.

  1. Small font

If you need a magnifying glass to read what’s on your business card you’re reducing the likelihood of people contacting you after meeting. A font between 7 and 11 points should be legible.

  1. Too much information

There’s a very thin line between too little and too much information when it comes to business cards. You definitely need:

  • Company logo and name
  • Your name
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Social media logos

Anything extra is at your discretion.

  1. Unsuitable style

Your industry determines how your business card should look. So, say a divorce lawyer wouldn’t hand out neon pink business cards – an extreme example maybe – but for you it might be possible.

  1. Gimmicks where gimmicks are not needed

It makes sense for a landscaper to perhaps get creative with their business card and have it double up as a seed packet, or for a bicycle repair shop to hand out business cards that double up as multi tools but if your business doesn’t require anything in terms of gimmicks (a funeral director definitely doesn’t need to hand out a coffin shaped card) then refrain from designing one.

  1. Unprofessional email address

If you’ve just started up your company it’s important that you create a new email address that reflects your brand and professionalism. The one you created at the age of 14 involving some sort of celebrity crush and numbers @hotmail.com won’t cut it.

  1. Not handing them out correctly

There is certain etiquette when it comes to dishing out business cards. The most basic of these is to hand yours out at the end of a meeting when you are shaking hands, if someone gives you theirs, if you are asked for it and to every person if you are talking in a group. There are also different rules depending on which country you are in.

Business cards are a long-standing marketing tradition for company owners and brands and if you avoid these silly mistakes you will improve your business prospects greatly.

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