Five Important Elements of Designing a Safe Nursery


Decorating a new nursery is exciting and fun. However, it also has to be a safe procedure. There are five important and practical things that you must always keep in mind in order to have a safe nursery.

  1. The Sockets and Wiring

Most modern sockets today have an automatic shutter, which means that if a child sticks an object or their fingers into them, they will shut off automatically. However, you do need to know whether or not your sockets have that failsafe mechanism installed. Keep in mind that even safe sockets should be covered, though, as children may also stick actual plugs in there.

Do also think about your wiring. Make sure it is all in good order and not frayed or broken and keep loose wires to a minimum.

Finally, install a smoke alarm.

  1. Your Windows and Doors

Make sure you do not install blinds or curtains with cords. If you have to have cords, place them out of reach. Sash windows should be opened from the top only and they should have locks at the bottom. Do not place furniture near any windows, so that your child can’t climb on them and reach. Also fit door stopper
s so your child’s fingers can’t get jammed.

  1. Your Paint

Over the past 50 years, we no longer have used lead in paint. However, if you live in an old property, there may be lead dust in the existing paint. If the paint is in good condition, seal it with a modern paint. If it’s flaking, having it removed professionally before putting a new coat on.

  1. Your Furniture

The furniture should, as discussed, be away from windows. It should also be very stable. Secure them to the wall with brackets if need be. Make sure you always close drawers and place latches on them so your child can’t get in them. Also make sure you have everything (nappies, wipes, creams) in reach of your changing table, so you don’t have to leave your baby alone.

  1. The Cot

Finally, you need to make sure you baby can sleep safely. Make sure that the cot meets the relevant safety standards. If it is second hand, always replace the mattress to reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Do not add pillows or soft toys to the cot, as these all present a choking hazard. Similarly, the bump quilts may look very pretty, but they should not be used until your baby can roll over by themselves with confidence. Naturally, you should not place your cot near a radiator.

Keeping a baby safe is not as hard as it may seem. Essentially, it is about employing common sense. One of the most important things is that you make sure everything you use in the nursery is modern and conforms to relevant safety standards. Click here to find many of the things you need to safely decorate your baby’s nursery before their arrival.

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