8 Key business skills that make moms great entrepreneurs

eco-summerIn the competitive business world, so often stereotypes of ruthless men or tech-savvy geeks are held up as the ideal entrepreneur. However, as we all know, the real world is far more diverse than that. Many great and successful companies are led by women and mothers who, with their unique skills, take their organisations further than anyone else could. Companies like Cannon Hygiene are a perfect example of a business that has been built around a strong female team, and others would be wise to follow their lead.

Today, we’re taking a look at the entrepreneurial skills that make mothers the perfect choice for business leaders in the modern world. As you’ll see, moms are special. They have more than a few skills that allow them to spearhead business endeavours that are both successful and well-recognised. Let’s take a look at some of the key qualities:

1. Unmatched tenacity

Moms have a sense of determination that is unparalleled. Whether it’s the first day of a startup or weathering a difficult period of an established business, moms know not to give up at the first sign of difficulties. Instead, they’ll tap into that reserve of power that lets them go the extra mile in order to get the job done.

2.  focus on others

Many women and mothers possess a sense of empathy that allows them to be more in-tune with what their customers need and want. This translates into a business sense that provides customer services solutions in even the toughest of situations.

3. Superior organization

Women have a natural desire to create order and develop systems that allow things to naturally stay organised. Mothers are particularly good at this because of all the demands they must juggle with family. Most of all, a woman’s focus on prioritising lends itself well to the business world by letting her see what’s important and what’s trivial long before anyone else. This is a rare quality that is an essential part of many an entrepreneur’s makeup.

4. “A woman’s intuition” isn’t just a myth

Women in business find time and time again that they’re able to see market trends before they even happen. This is likely because women and mothers don’t focus on only cold rationality, but utilise a mix of reason with a dash of emotional awareness. Through this technique, they’re able to guide their businesses in a market that can sometimes behave irrationally even when there are causes and effects to analyse.

5. Communication that is above average

From an early age, girls tend to develop strong communication skills far quicker than their male peers. In the business world, this skill translates to an ability to bring marketing material closer to its needed goal or business meetings that sail along smoother than they otherwise would.

6. Brand awareness is the start

Because mothers tend to be more conscious of the difference between brands and companies, they have a wealth of examples to draw from while running their own business. They’re able to learn from the pitfalls of one business and exemplify the strategies of a successful one.

 7. Subtlety is a gift

Although women and mothers can be direct when it’s called for, there are times when subtlety rules the day. Women are especially good at knowing which situations call for which approach. In the business world this often means the difference between a closed deal and one that gets away.

8. Bringing people together

Probably the strongest skill that all mothers bring to business is their ability to unite people around a common cause. Teams often lack the solidarity that is needed to complete a project – or even work together – and in these situations profits can come to a halt. But mothers know exactly how to bring together even the most disparate of personalities to build a real team that can get the job done.

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