Podcast: 5 top tips to successfully run a business around your kids



When  Veena V of Mum to Millionaire asked me my top 5 tips for running a business around kids I was surprised how simple my answers were. You might be too!

Simple tips aren’t always easy to implement though, are they? 🙂

In this podcast Veena and I chat about many of the things we mums in business know we should be doing, but often get distracted from by all the things we have to do in our busy lives. Plus we share our own experiences of working around our kids and:

  • How to focus on your business and really get things done
  • What you should be charging for your services and why you should never under value yourself
  • The pros and cons of working for free!
  • Why it is so important to INVEST IN YOURSELF

I’ve known Veena online for a few years now right from the days when she was running her VIP pregnancy blog. I’ve always loved her infectious enthusiasm and how hard she works to build her business around her son.

So I’m delighted that her podcast is in the new and noteworthy section of iTunes at the moment. Congratulations Veena!

This is the link if you’d like to sign up.

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