Ever thought of becoming a children’s entertainer?

woman_clownIf you’re good with children and have an outgoing personality, you could become a children’s entertainer.

What is it?

You could charge a fee for entertaining children at parties, events or even keeping the kids happy at weddings. This could include music, magic, mime, face painting or crafts.

Some entertainers also run workshops or children’s classes.

The benefits

  • If you’ve always fancied being a performer this could be a great job!
  • Start up costs are usually low compared to many businesses. You can try a few events to see if you enjoy it and to test the market without investing too much time or money.

Things to consider

  • When not performing…

…you’ll need to spend time promoting your business, taking care of equipment and researching and rehearsing new acts. Remember to take this time and expenses into account when planning out your business.

  • You don’t need formal qualifications

Although any qualifications or experience you already have will be an advantage. It’s more important to be able to keep the audience happy than to have a good CV! You’ll also need to be able to handle criticism positively.

  • Working hours can be very variable

Irregular working hours at weekends can be a problem for many people, although this can actually be an advantage if you’re working around a family and have a partner working 9-5 on weekdays.

Further information

  • You could become a self-employed host for an existing children’s party business, for example Build a Buddy bear-making parties
  • UK Entertainers will give you some ideas of what other entertainers are doing, and sometimes what they charge.

Not convinced that being a children’s entertainer is for you? Take a look at other business ideas for mums.

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