What to avoid when setting up your online shop

Today Debbie O’Connor very kindly published my article ‘What to avoid when setting up your online shop’ on her Motivating Mum blog. Here’s a taster…

It goes without saying that setting up your website is one of the most important aspects of starting an online shop. Your website will be your shop window, shelves and counter, so it has a huge impact on your sales.

It’s important not to let your inner perfectionist take over – you’ll never get around to launching if you do that! – but there are a few key things you should avoid when setting up your online shop:

1. Use a free WordPress or Blogger site

Yes, one of the worst things to do is not invest in a self-hosted website or WordPress site and instead, choose the free but unprofessional looking Blogspot or wordpress.com sites. Remember, customers need to be able to trust you and give you their credit card details. A website that screams, ‘cheap’ will not make them do that.

2. Pick a difficult domain name

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