Is it Game Over for your Facebook Page?

claire _pittsIntroducing our first guest post from Claire Pitts of Mum’s Bis. Over to you, Claire!

There you were, sharing content on your Facebook Page and enjoying the fact that the majority of your Fans saw what you were saying and responded then all of a sudden…

Bam! Facebook changed the rules

One cold, December day last year we all got up to a different Facebook to the one we’d left behind the night before.  Suddenly, no one was seeing our Posts, our content wasn’t being shared and our sales fell.

Facebook wants you to buy advertising

It’s no secret that Facebook wants you to pay for adverts.  They’re a business and need to make money.

And, actually, Facebook adverts are a great way of getting customers, if done right.  But that’s the subject for another article…

So is your Facebook Page dead?

No! It’s still very much alive.  But it has changed.

Now your Facebook page is a chance for you to ‘hang out’ with your customers, get to know them and actually talk to them, without feeling like you’ve got to be selling to them all the time.

It’s like asking them round for a cup of coffee.  You’d chat about the latest news and gossip, tv programmes etc.

This, is the Holy Grail of Facebook, it’s called engagement! The more you engage, the more they talk to you.  The more they talk to you, the more they like you – and guess what, people buy from people they like.

5 Ways to Engage with your Fans

To get you on the right track, here are 5 ways you can engage with your Fans

1. Ask Questions

The most sociable people spend their time talking about the person they’re talking to.  They ask questions, find out what they like/don’t like.

Asking questions is a great way to engage AND carry out some market research in the process.

2. Talk about what they like

You know who your customers are and what they like/don’t like – so talk about it.

Share articles they will find useful and interesting.  Give them hints and tips that will make their life better.  Make them want to come back to your Page (and, hopefully share your Posts).

Share images and videos as well as just text.  Facebook users love sharing these things – especially pictures of ‘cute kittens’!

3. Turn up when your fans are there

Use the Insights section of your Facebook page and find out when your posts are being seen and then make sure you post at those times.

You can do this through Scheduling, but it’s even better if you can be online so that you can respond to people as they post comments.

Again, it makes you real and you can interact with people.

Welcome everyone who likes your page and ask them a question about themselves.

Talk to past customers and ask them how they are getting on with your product.

4. If you’re a local business, then show it!

Talk about local events and issues in your local area.

Ask if anyone can recommend a local garage or whatever it is you need.

Talk about the local fete – even better, offer to buy a cup of coffee to anyone who meets you at the drinks tent at, say, 1pm.

5. Sprinkle in Offers

The aim of your Facebook Page is to make sales so you should sprinkle in some offers.  But if you get the balance right, you’re Fans won’t mind and will be more likely to buy from you.

It’s time to get Social

To get real results from your Facebook Page, get social.  The more social you are with your Fans, the more your content will get shared, the more Fans you’ll get.

The more Fans you get, the more people will see your offers and the more sales you’ll make!

So, go and find the cute picture of the kitten and start being Sociable!

Claire Pitts passionately believes that it is possible to run your own business and still be ‘mum’. The rewards that you get from having a business are huge, not least of all the flexibility to be there for your children.  Find out more at

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