Do you buy or sell on eBay? Make sure you check out eBay’s new Collections

I’ve been a regular eBayer for over ten years now. Wow, time has flown! I’ve mainly been a buyer but I’ve sold things from time to time too.

eBay has really grown up over the years. Long gone are the days where it was just a place to buy and sell second-hand items, although you can still do that of course. These days plenty of big brands have eBay outlets where you can pick up absolute bargains. And there are plenty of small home-based businesses like ours there, too.

The latest innovation at eBay is the ‘Collections’ feature. Collections are groups of eBay items hand-selected by eBay members, mixed and matched around a theme, concept or passion. A collection is like an online pinboard of items available on eBay. You can either be inspired by someone else’s collections or you can create your own. You may even find items you’re selling appearing in other people’s collections.

Collections are social, too. So you can follow the collections of people with the same style or interests as your own and they can follow yours. That’s great for the bloggers and social media fans among us!

I was lucky enough to be asked to create some collections before the feature was made available to most UK eBay users. You can take a look at my collections here.

As you can see, I found lots to collect! I’ve got a collection of bags for mums – some stylish, some big and practical for all the bits and pieces we need to carry around. I’ve created other collections to help you work from home, from the gadgets I can’t live without to the perfect work from home wardrobe. And did you know you can pick up some bargain business books on eBay? Neither did I at first, but now I’ve found them but I’ve got a collection of those too!

What I like best about these collections is that they show the many aspects of working at home as a mum, from having an office that doubles up as a family space to keeping your kids happy while they’re on the move. After all, a work at home mum doesn’t always work from home!

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