Businesses versus babies … which is better?


All too often, mothers are faced with a very difficult choice: Business or baby?

Just so you can tell the two apart, here is a list of ten things that make babies and businesses somewhat similar:

1. Both of them will keep you up all night

2. When they get bigger, they will both need new clothes or premises

3. They are both a serious drain on your time, effort and money

4. Both will make you occasionally wish you hadn’t ever bothered

5. Everything in your life will quickly become of secondary importance

6. You can only talk about babies or business, and struggle to relate to someone who hasn’t got a baby or a business

7. When someone visits your home, they can tell immediately if you’ve got a baby or a business by the items scattered all over the floor

8. You start to read things that you never dreamt you’d be interested in

9. You spend a lot of time thinking about what they’ll look like when they’re bigger

10. You wonder why you didn’t have a baby or start your own business years earlier

In all seriousness, having a baby is a deeply special thing, something that makes life worth living. Nothing can truly beat it.

But that doesn’t make your business any less important. In the same way that you want to keep your baby safe at all times, your business needs that safety too, swaddled in warm clothes to keep out the cold.

That means getting business insurance such as Axa business insurance. With this you have the possibility of choosing any of the following types of cover:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Residential landlord insurance
  • Commercial landlord insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Fleet and haulage insurance
  • Shop insurance

Obviously, every business will require different types of insurance. The insurance that almost all businesses will need are public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance. The former means that you are covered against any issues arising as a result of people visiting your work premises, or if you or your employees visiting someone else’s. The latter is a legal requirement if you have one employee or more, regardless of whether they are permanent, temporary, part-time, contracted or a volunteer. It protects you against any claim an employee may wish to make against you if injured or ill as a result of work, with a legal minimum of £5 million worth of protection although some policies will offer more.

Treat your business with the same care you would your baby, and get it insured.

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