Ever thought of a new career in finance?

ways_to_make_moneyWe’ve been feeling the global financial crisis for over five years now and although there are signs of recovery, we’re not likely to be out of the woods for a while yet.

Although it has not affected the United Kingdom as much as other countries in Europe, the global financial crisis is still a problem that concerns many British people. The upsurge in self-employment in the last few years has been caused, partly at least, but the fact people haven’t been able to find jobs. So although I hope that you’re making a personal choice to grow a business around young children, the fact is that some of us don’t have much choice but to be self employed for the time being.

If you’re thinking of retraining, either to run your own business or to start a new career once your children are at school, a finance qualification might be a good idea to consider. Economics, business, administration, management and leading teams are careers that companies need right now, especially since the financial crisis.

There are other good reasons to go into finance, too. Firstly, the United Kingdom’s finance sector is  still enormous, despite the financial crisis. So, there are many opportunities and there’s a good chance of finding work if you have the right skills and qualifications. The finance world is very competitive sector too, which means it’s great if you’re looking to grow your experience and level of responsibility.

With higher than average salaries and lots of opportunity for progression, a career in finance could be a a good move.

Nowadays, it is easy to retrain and learn new skills to get into the world of finance, Whether you are student and you are beginning your studies on this field or you are working in another, totally different sector and you just want to make a change, there are a range of financial courses are offered in the market, for example:

  • ACCA
  • CIMA
  • AAT

You can find a list of all the different financial qualifications available and their providers in this document:


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