Proof that you can start and grow a business despite all the challenges

If you’ve been watching the news over the last few years you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d be crazy to start a business in such tough financial times. But entrepreneurship is alive and well in the UK. For one thing, entrepreneurs have plenty of ideas and determination. For another, all the changes that the recession has brought – such as old companies closing down and more personal ones like losing your job – can open up new opportunities.

In the case of Business Plus Baby readers, it’s the major life change of having a baby that sparks our impulse to start a business.

Santander’s latest campaign celebrates the success of their customers by presenting them in a series of online films.

Take a look at the first one here…

In this video, Graeme Scott (owner of a chain of children’s nurseries) says “I’ve always been entrepreneurial, I’ve never been very good at working for anyone else”. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial streak you can definitely relate to that! He also says that he and his business partner are dyslexic and that their passion and drive is to prove their teachers wrong.

For me, that’s great example of entrepreneurs’ determination to overcome challenging circumstances.

Although an entrepreneur is often shown as a lone figure, business isn’t really something you can do alone. In all the videos, Santander has offered investment and advice to businesses to allow them to grow. Something that hasn’t been all that easy to find since the crash of 2007.

You can see the rest of the series of films here  and to find out more, visit:

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