Four Things You Need for Business Success

It might seem that you need a huge list of things for your little business to be a success, but I really do think if you have four key things you can achieve almost anything. Let me tell you about them in this video…

The four things are:

1. Knowledge

2. Community

3. An expert

4. Hard work

The great news is that the top three are easier to come by than you might think, and I explain why in the video.

Of course, you have to supply number 4 yourself! 🙂

Here’s the link to Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy that I mention the video –

If you’d like to join the Academy, make sure you do it before the end of September as Leonie is doubling the price at the start of October.


2 Replies to “Four Things You Need for Business Success”

  1. Hi Helen! Great video, as always. I have been thinking about this one for ages, as I did get the 2013 year planner on your recommendation (!), so I might have to take this as a sign! By the way, I have written a couple of blog posts – just need to get my hubby to update my website now, which is a task itself!

    1. Hi Catherine, yay well done on the blog posts! Looking forward to reading them. :-)I think only you can say for sure if Leonie’s stuff resonates with you, but if it does you do get a lot of material and support with her Academy. And thanks for the kind comment on the video!

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