Three ways your business could be advertising but isn’t

salesEffective advertising is the backbone of a successful business! It is the definitive way for businesses raise their game, grab audience attention and get noticed in the sea of competition. There are a million and one different forms of advertising, some of which you’re undoubtedly utilising and some which may have passed you by, if you want to maximise your exposure in an effective and engaging way then it is time to think about branching out with new, creative and effective advertising techniques.

1. Point Of Sale Displays

POS (point of sale) displays are a fantastic tool in the retail trade because they work as functional advertising. In all likelihood the magic of the point of sale display will have worked on you; have you ever been in a shop, ready with your purchase and felt your eye suddenly caught by an evocative display of items you would ordinarily overlook? It could be anything from books and magazines to confectionary and homeware, items that you didn’t enter the shop to buy but you find yourself being drawn to and throwing into your basket at the last possible minute.

POS displays take on many forms, each with the ability to work specialist ensnaring magic that inspires us to act fast. Counter top displays, cardboard display stands, presentation boxes and  floor standing display units from Envoprint are all forms of POS display that can be erected and utilised in any environment. Their placement gives them their power; being close to a till inspires a sense of urgency in the consumer that causes them to buy and buy now! Make sure your brand is well highlighted so people can read it, make it catchy and exciting and incorporate a call to action and all eyes will be on you.

2. Envelope Advertising

Too many businesses fall into the trap of overlooking the little things and those businesses are missing an easy advertising tactic. Think about how often your business sends out envelopes; could you be using them to make an impact?

All it takes is an engaging image to elevate your envelopes into a form of advertising all on their own no matter what they contain. Use attractive graphics, make them fun, make them unique and make them stand out from the deluge of post the recipient is undoubtedly receiving.

Promotional mail with a well-designed and eye catching envelope is far more likely to be opened and taken seriously than a blank canvas, even if it remains unopened it still has the positive effect of getting your brand out there!

3. Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words just imagine the impact of a promotional video! Online video marketing is the latest tool in the advertising box and if you play your cards right it won’t cost you a penny. How many times a day do you find yourself consulting free online resources like YouTube for information on everything from how to use products correctly to how to choose the perfect cooker?

The internet allows you to reach a wider and more expansive audience than ever before, over 100 million internet users watch an online video every single day, that’s 100 million people you could be reaching as long as you come up with an engaging and informative video that tells your viewers a story.

The Combinations Are Endless

There’s no such thing as a ‘right’ way to advertise, throw your hat into the ring and get your brand noticed in whatever innovative way you can think of. Choose a combination of advertising techniques that work for your business and reach your target market and watch your brand grow.

Post by Emma Smith of  Envoprint.

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